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Why NET Neutrality Was Never Neutral in the First Place


The moment money became a factor in the Internet’s playing field, it completely lost its neutrality. The behavior of paying various net influencers to advertise whatever advertisers want cancels the very principle of neutrality.

The web’s founders gave the Internet as a gift. They hoped it would positively serve human society’s development. Today, unfortunately, the Internet looks more like a crowded marketplace. However, there is a positive aspect to this form the Internet has evolved into: it raises public awareness of the real evil growing inside us. The unrestrained ego takes hold of infrastructures that were supposedly made to benefit us, such as search engines and social networks, and subjects them to exploitation on account of the public.

If we envision a harmonious human society, where a principle such as neutrality is unadulterated by the constant, devious workings of the ego, then we would require an alternative Internet network. Such a network would leave the ego outside. Therefore, when a certain awakened segment of society accepts upon themselves the task of building a network where all its members enthusiastically work to be a source of positive inspiration for the entire network, we will then witness the nucleus of the next Internet, the basis for a new reality that will keep to its word of upholding pro-social values, neutrality among them.

Posted on Facebook December 28th, 2017

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