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Nature’s Life-Giving Secrets That We Can Learn from Chernobyl

On April 26, 1986, one of the world’s worst-case scenarios materialized. The Chernobyl nuclear reactor exploded as a result of a failed experiment, releasing ten times more radiation than the amount from Hiroshima. A vast area became deadly for 350,000 residents.

Despite the Soviet regime’s attempts to hide history’s most severe nuclear accident, within days, the place became a ghost town. Hundreds of thousands of people were evacuated from their homes, and scientists estimated that the affected Chernobyl area would be uninhabitable for the next 20,000 years. 

Against human logic, a decade later, vegetation began sprouting from the ruins. Chernobyl became a kind of evolutionary laboratory for the world, where a flourishing nature reserve emerged from nuclear ruin. The fields blossomed, trees of the forests restored themselves, and a variety of animals began to appear in the area: reptiles, poultry and various mammal species, some of which had not lived in the area for many years before the disaster. 

“If we repair human relations, building bridges of positive connections above our innate rejection, divisiveness and even hatred of each other, we can then experience our reality as perfect.”

Through the lens of nature’s laws, the regrowth at Chernobyl is akin to many new planetary states that surfaced from their opposites. The earth has developed through states when its surface was molten, when it was mostly coated in ice, and also when it was completely covered in water. However, out of every era, our planet emerged stronger and healthier than its preceding version. 

What Happens When Humans Don’t Interfere With Nature?

 The universe has endless healing and balancing forces. When humans do not interfere in the inanimate, vegetative and animate levels of nature, there is total harmony.

 We operate in a network of forces of which we have little understanding, so even our seemingly benign thoughts and actions might result in unintentional harm. It follows that when the selfish and destructive human spirit abandons an area, it becomes filled with life.

 Chernobyl provides such an example: When the radiation began fading away and there was no human disturbance, new species of plants and animals emerged that we thought were extinct. Where did these new species come from?

 How New Species of Plants and Animals Emerged in Chernobyl After the Disaster

Nature is comprised of many forces, visible and latent, and myriad combinations between these forces bring about an infinite variety of forms. When humans exit the picture, leaving these forces alone, they act and give birth to every manifestation that needs to exist according to the current developmental stage.

It is a law of nature: every intersection in the network must be fulfilled and generate something new, whether on the inanimate, vegetative or animate levels. At every level, nature operates according to different and contrasting attributes of connection in order to create harmony and balance, enabling ever more advanced life forms to evolve. In other words, nature always evolves to higher states of unification.

Nature’s inanimate, vegetative and animate levels obey its laws and operate harmoniously. Every object and organism on these levels extracts exactly what its sustenance requires and passes any surplus back to the larger system in which it exists.

This is how a well-oiled integral system is created. Only the human being can, for a limited time, resist such laws. Human nature has a tendency to act oppositely: we contribute what we must, and take as much as we can without considering the system’s other parts. We do so without understanding that we rob ourselves by doing so, because in reality we are interdependent parts of the natural system like cogwheels in a machine.

What Humans Should Take Away from the Chernobyl Regrowth

The Chernobyl example demonstrates how human nature is opposite to nature itself. The human ego, i.e., the desire to enjoy at the expense of others, which gives rise to exploitation, manipulation and abuse in the midst of our relations, generates toxins that radiate throughout nature. It is thus imperative for us to learn how nature works, and by so doing, we will know how to fix the problems we cause. 

If we raise awareness of our function as humans within nature, understanding how its inanimate, vegetative and animate levels depend on our relations, then we can work together to become harmoniously integrated with, and beneficial to, nature.

If we repair human relations, building bridges of positive connections above our innate rejection, divisiveness and even hatred of each other, we can then experience our reality as perfect. By correcting human nature, we will feel how our relationships blossom and breathe afresh, and how every moment is renewed and recreated. 

Our planet will then become paradise, nothing less than heaven on earth.

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