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Michael Laitman: Uniting The States For A Great America In Trump’s Era

Jewish Business News (04-29-2017)

Trump’s missile attack on Syria has been largely approved, indicating that America wants to reclaim the international watchdog role. But first, Trump must recover the unity of the United States. The Jews in his administration can help him do just that.

In my perspective, Trump’s time in office has proven that he deserves a chance to lead the country, as former Vice President Joe Biden put it last month.

Just recently, former Swedish PM, Carl Bildt, mocked the president following Trump’s implication that there was a terror attack in Sweden perpetrated by immigrants. Mr. Bildt tweeted, “Sweden? Terror attack? What has he been smoking?” Two months later, the current Swedish PM declared that Sweden will “never go back” to the days of mass migration after an illegal immigrant killed four people and injured 15 in a truck-ramming attack in downtown Stockholm.

After months of derision at Trump’s statements that the Obama administration spied on him and his advisors prior to the election, Bloomberg’s Eli Lake has revealed that Susan Rice, former national security adviser to Barack Obama, did precisely that.

Fast Forward

Trump must press forward with his agenda and take America to the next level. It means to consolidate, unite, and fuse the American society into a cohesive whole. As president of the United States, this is his primary obligation to his people.

Despite what seems to be a systematic campaign of liberal media such as CNN and The New York Times to discredit President Trump, the rifts that he exposed by his very election have been in the making for decades. Trump did not create them, but his election brought them to the surface.

The center is quickly shrinking on both sides of the political map. Trump has come to power at the time that the country requires an urgent transformation into a society with a common agenda.

The fact that Trump was elected proves that the American people are largely behind him. However, if his actions are not part of an overarching strategy to unify the nation, they will not produce the desired result.

The government should not regard problems as isolated crises, but rather as indicators of disunity in society. The mode of work should resemble that of a healthy family: It has to prioritize, yet without leaving family members behind. If Trump comes to view the American people the way a healthy family treats all of its members, there is no doubt America will be great again.

The Jewish Role in Trump’s Administration

Just recently, Jonathan Levi of Forward Magazine asked, “Is Jared Kushner the ‘Court Jew’ of Donald Trump’s Realm?” Clearly, it is not Kushner’s money that President Trump needs. The President feels he needs Kushner precisely where he has him, as a “senior advisor.”

As with any administration in the last several decades, that of Donald Trump is rife with Jews in key positions. Jews are at the top primarily because they are great connectors, making them key figures in the functioning of every system. The problem is that every administration uses Jews in order to promote its own agenda. Trump will set a precedent if he uses them in order to promote an all-American agenda of unity. Everyone will benefit from this.

There is a good reason why Jews excel at connecting people. The Jewish people are the only nation in the world that has an official birthday. According to the Torah, on the 6th of the Hebrew month of Sivan, in the year 2488 on the Hebrew calendar (1272 BC), the Jewish people was pronounced, having fulfilled the prerequisite of committing to unite “as one man with one heart.” Henceforth, the rise and fall of the Jewish people would depend on its level of adherence to the principle of unity.

America’s Unity First

If Trump truly wants to deliver on his promise to make America great again, he will need to take a different approach from all his predecessors. This must also require that the Jews in his administration work differently than in all previous administrations. To make America great, it must be a united nation. Trump needs to require that the Jews facilitate connections and rapport among themselves on both sides of the political map, and subsequently extend that amity to the rest of the American people.

If Jewish advisors in key positions establish trust and mutual responsibility among themselves, it will be much easier for the President to reconcile with the Democratic Party and establish a government that enjoys the full support of Congress. The longer Trump waits, the harder it will be for him to operate.

As a smart leader he should ask from his advisors to draw up a roadmap leading from the current partisanship to trust, cooperation, and eventual cohesion of American society and the political establishment.

This will make America not only great, but also a role model for all other nations, “a light unto nations,” if you will. Implementing a plan of this nature will reverse the negative global trajectory and will guarantee a better future for our children, and for the generations to come.

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