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How could the technology boom of the past 70 or so years been more beneficial to humanity if it were not largely driven by military or market forces?

Humanity’s development happens by means of and under the pressure of egoism—the desire to self-benefit at the expense of others—which increases in humanity from one generation to the next, and in our individual lives from one year to the next. This is why such development is already flawed, and leads us to problems and misfortunes. It is why everything that happens in a mismatch from nature, unaligned with the altruistic law of nature, but according to our egoism—is flawed and will fail in the future. After all, such developments do not come from the postulate of care and love for the neighbor, from the understanding and realization of the fact that we live in a single integral system, where life and the world are interconnected as a small integral village.

On the contrary, we each care first and formost about ourselves, which is completely opposite to what nature demands of us. Our technological development thus looks no more like attempts and efforts to somehow fulfill our egoism. Instead of cutting it off from ourselves and correcting the way we use it for humanity’s benefit, we try to fulfill it directly. In other words, instead of bringing ourselves to equivalence, unification and balance with nature, we increasingly distance ourselves from nature. Therefore, instead of achieving delight, goodness and perfection, we experience amassing problems, crises and disasters.

If we thus use our technologies for the benefit of humanity, to correct humanity from egoism to altruism, then we will merit perfection and happiness.

Based on a Q&A with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman on September 9, 2006. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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