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We want to see ourselves living in a new generation. At the very least, we want to see our children living in it. We don’t want our children growing up in a competitive society where they constantly have to protect themselves from others, where countries are in constant conflict and under the threat of destruction by nuclear arms, which we have made so abundant.

We don’t want our children going through the same ordeals as we have, which are still intensifying. We also don’t want them to live in a society where it is impossible to walk outside after sunset, where no one knows what will happen in the next minute, or where living conditions are worsening each year.

There is also an increase in worldwide unemployment, as well as a rise in incidents of school violence and drug and alcohol addictions. Simultaneously, the number of locations of potential conflicts due to food scarcity, security issues, social unrest, and revolutions are rising throughout the world.

Natural disasters are becoming more frequent, and tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, and tornadoes are happening far more often.

We are truly in a perilous situation. People have stopped sensing the dangers not because they aren’t there, but because we cannot keep thinking about them, so we prefer to disconnect ourselves from reality and “go with the flow.” However, if we stop and think about the kind of world we’re leaving for our children, we’ll realize that we are not providing them with a good, peaceful, and secure life that offers satisfaction, warmth, and confidence.

Throughout history, we have developed along with our growing egos, which pushed us to grow and to discover new forms of social, political, and economic life. We’ve developed science and technology; we’ve done a great many things using our desire to evolve and prosper. But now, we’ve lost our way; we don’t know how to properly implement the vast possibilities at our disposal.

Today, humanity is like a group of people lost in the desert, not knowing where to go.

Our egos have been constantly pushing us, but what will happen if we continue to develop as before? If we do, we could end up with mass destruction, hunger, plagues, and climate and ecological catastrophes. Is there another form of development that we might choose?


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We know that man develops through the social environment. We are literally products of its influence, so why shouldn’t we form an environment that develops us and through which we will develop ourselves in our chosen direction? Perhaps this is all we need to do in our generation.

Now we have the knowledge and sensitivity—and perhaps the means, by which to arrange society in such a way that for the first time in history, we will be able to determine our own development.

It could be that after millennia of compulsory development by Nature, we now have sufficient information, sense, and analytic abilities to develop by ourselves an environment that will advance us. Now our only choice is to place ourselves in a good environment and let it shape us well.

If we use the power of the environment properly, we will be able to correct our nature. Instead of being self-centered, we need to learn to use our egos to construct a good environment. We need to build a good environment that will turn us into good persons who use our drives and capabilities constructively.

We could build an environment that is similar to the way we would build an environment for children—where each child receives the proper education and an environment that is guided by educators who know how to use the children’s drives constructively.

Our developments in technology, economy, and commerce allow us to allocate a lot of time and energy to building the new environment. Eighty percent of those fit to work should actually be working on building the environment, and only 10-20 percent of those fit for work should be occupied in what is  needed to sustain us.

The idea is that everyone will adopt positive transformation so the world will change, and all those forces currently aimed at ruining the world will turn toward Man’s benefit.


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The only means for inducing such a change is, of course, education. Education relies on a certain measure of learning, the providing of information. We need to set up: courses, a virtual environment, culture, theatre, music, movies, music, and books, all of which will describe the environment that must be created in the new world.

By doing so, people will be “flooded” with myriad good examples that will manifest in any way that the outside world can affect us, to the point that we will get used to being affected by these examples. We’ll have no choice because the environment will affect us to do so, since we already know the power of the influence of the environment on us.

While these examples will come from different sources—sometimes against our will, they will still work, first unwillingly and then from our own volition. We will be willing to adopt new values for our kids and for the sake of our own security and a better future. Now, we must begin to get organized toward this new way of life.

All the crises we are going through, all the states surrounding us in everything we do, are actually disclosures of the flaws we still cannot mend in our nature. Therefore, we first need to understand what the “new life” entails so we may imagine it and fantasize about it.


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Clearly, the best and safest situation is for the whole world to be as a single harmonious family that lives in mutual care: where all depend on all; where the well-being of everyone depends on the well-being of the entire society; and where one is for all, and all are for one. Accordingly, each member will work to the best of his or her ability for everyone’s sake, just as today where we work for our own or our family’s sake. In return, each will receive what he or she needs for sustenance, while working for society’s well-being.

Granted, people are very different. Human society is diverse, with myriad religions, faiths, and customs. And yet, we must treat everyone with understanding and respect, including each segment and sector in human society. The idea is not to mold people into a single form or erase gaps and enforce a uniform culture for all; rather, the idea is for everyone to remain as he or she is, adding to our society the good spirit that will exist among us.

Only an education that gradually changes people will prompt us toward great changes in our social structure, political structure, and international relations. The change will lead to an annihilation of international borders and eventually, the annihilation of the states themselves, with the aim to create a single, “round,” global humanity.

We aren’t determining laws and frameworks, except that everything we do must be in favor of the integral humanity. Everything must also be done of our own volition, through the influence of a good environment that offers a sense of belonging and the ability to make concessions and be considerate to the point of loving others.

We need to “treat” ourselves through the good environment that we will build with the help of educators, psychologists, and people who understand how the new society should be built and how much it can affect us.

However, we will not be doing it the way the government and media controllers do it: manipulating the people for their own interests by using whatever means are at their disposal. Instead, we will be doing it along with everyone and clearly explaining what we’re doing. We are building this environmental envelope so it affects us, but with the participation of the masses, all the people, so that all of us advance together in perceiving and understanding our self-construction.

Thus, through self-construction, people will rise in their degree of autonomy and will participate in their own education. Everyone will be involved in building the environment that will, in turn, develop them.

If we do all that, then there is hope that from a group of people who have “lost their way in the desert,” we will build our own good future. This will not be a utopian or fantastic future, but a very real one in which we will develop according to our abilities to be educated and mutually change through the envelope that we are building.


Written by Michael Laitman
Michael Laitman is a global thinker dedicated to generating a transformational shift in society through a new global education, which he views as the key to solving the most pressing issues of our time. He is the Founder of the ARI Institute, Professor of Ontology & Theory of Knowledge, PhD in Philosophy, MS in Medical Cybernetics. You can find him on Google+, YouTube and Twitter

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