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Why the Gender Neutrality Movement Reveals a Spiritual Need (The Soul Has No Gender)

Gender neutral emoji; a new gender neutral pronoun to conceals one’s sexual identity; gender neutral bathrooms and a gender-neutral parenting movement allowing children to choose their own gender- what is the gender neutrality trend signaling to us?

The gender neutrality movement is driving new policies, language and other cultural practices, while stirring great controversy. If you support it, you could be labeled an ultra-liberal radical who is steering society out of whack. If you’re against it, you could be labeled a primitive who is depriving human beings of their freedoms.

But before arguing over it, it’s worthwhile to understand where this phenomenon stems from. Why is it that so many people nowadays have this desire to change their gender or even redefine gender altogether?

“Why do millions of men and women identify as Gender Neutral?”

A Matter of Evolution

An essential explanation lies in understanding humanity’s spiritual development, as explained by the basic principles of the Wisdom of Kabbalah. It explains that the force that motivates people, men and women alike, is desire. Our desire is constantly changing and evolving within us, thus shaping all of human experience. It starts with basic animalistic desires like food, sex, and family, and then moves on to human-social desires such as money, recognition, power, and knowledge. At every stage of development, the dominant desires organize one’s life as well as shape human society, its structure, and cultural atmosphere.

In our times, human desire is reaching a new stage in its development–spiritual fulfillment.  Unlike previous times in history where only a selected few fulfilled their spiritual potential, today this desire is motivating masses of people, whether they are conscious of it or not.

If one learns how to fulfill this new spiritual desire correctly, he or she develops their spiritual identity. This means that while they remain in their physical body, be it male or female, with its sexual tendencies whatever they may be, their spiritual-self develops above their biological sex. In that state, the masculine and feminine elements which exist within each and every one of us come to complete each other harmoniously.

Throughout evolutionary history, we see that nature is built for two; male and female, plus and minus, hot and cold–two opposite forces that are also designed to complete each other within the human soul. When that happens, “every soul is male and female, bound together as one,” writes the Book of Zohar. At that point, the sexual identity based on biology dissolves, or in other words, it becomes clear that the soul has no gender.

500 years ago, in the days of The Holy Ari, humanity began the period of spiritual fulfillment, but the height of this development began in the previous century. Today, the desire for spiritual development is budding in many millions of people, stirring up great pressures, unrest and lack of satisfaction with life, as well as existential, fundamental questions not only about gender, but about sexual, political, and social identity as well.

“While remaining in the physical body, be it male or female, along with its sexual tendencies whatever they may be, the spiritual-self develops above the biological sex”

The Age of Spirit

The growing gender neutrality movement of our times is a glaring symptom that we must fulfill our lack of spiritual identity. The war of the sexes that is all over the headlines, also demonstrates the strong need for reconciliation between the male and female elements within each of us. Every attempt to harmonize the male and female elements on the earthly level alone will fail.

It is for good reason that the Wisdom of Kabbalah, which has been concealed for thousands of years, is resurfacing. It is a method capable of developing and fulfilling the spiritual desire that will lead the human to inner balance and the whole world to outer balance.

Our female element is the part in us that desires to receive pleasure. The male element is the ability to receive pleasure in a way that benefits others. When one develops spiritually, these two aspects grow within him or her and achieve one unified action: receiving and giving full pleasure to the entire world. For “the human is the inclusion of male and female, and the world cannot be built, if male and female are not both present” (The Book of Zohar).

“The growing gender neutrality movement of our times is a glaring symptom that we must fulfill our lack of spiritual identity.”

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