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Black Friday Vs. Infinite Pleasure

Black Friday is getting closer and people around the world are already getting ready for this year’s shopping spree. However, as soon as we begin to receive pleasure and the desire is fulfilled by buying something, we suddenly discover that the pleasure comes to an end.

Is it possible to get pleasure that will be endless and constantly increase instead of diminishing? Yes, but it depends on learning to use human desires correctly. Then our lives can become unlimited, infinite, and eternal. This is the secret of eternal life.

The wisdom of Kabbalah literally means ‘reception’ because this is a wisdom of how to receive; it explains how to fill ourselves in an unlimited and infinite manner.

The answer to lasting fulfillment lies in connection.

If we connect among us—if the pleasure passes through me, and I transmit it to you, and you to another, and he to someone else and so on, and this flow constantly happens between us—then the pleasure never stops, and no one becomes satiated.

In that state, the pleasures that pass through everyone are constantly renewed, and each one of us begins to feel the pleasure that comes back to him from everyone, thus he gets pleasure from everyone. It follows that we have an infinite growth of pleasure that results from a higher level of human experience, which Kabbalists refer to as “the spiritual world.” That is possible if we learn how to use the reception of pleasure correctly, and this wisdom is called Kabbalah.

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