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Are we heading towards World War III?

We live in unprecedented times. In our era, humanity is becoming increasingly interconnected, and together with this growing connection, we discover more and more inner resistance, rejection and opposition. Moreover, today we also see that we have no idea about what to do about our growing division.

In the past, we would settle our growing divisiveness with war. Nations and states found direction and motivation in their mutual conquest for control and governance over other nations and peoples.

Today, however, we see no media discourse about war as a solution to our problems. It also becomes increasingly clearer to world leaders that war will solve nothing. Governments are finding that they cannot even control their own populations, and so the idea of taking over and controlling other nations becomes all the more elusive.

People are realizing that we have no energy to go to war, yet at the same time, governments continue to strengthen their military forces.

Wars between countries have become replaced by cold wars within nations, where increasing divisiveness and polarization lets no one rest, especially among the countries’ leadership ranks. Country’s leaders today have to deal with ever-strengthening political opposition striving to bring them down. In such a situation, countries engage more in internal struggles, and less on external enemies.

At a bird’s-eye view of such development, we see how nature constantly increases our interconnection and interdependence, and until we adjust our attitudes to match such connection positively, then we experience it negatively. While war is a tragic and unfortunate phenomenon, it was also seen as a solution that provided direction and motivation to mobilize countries in the past. Today, however, through the process of increasing connection on the outside and increasing division in our attitudes to each other on the inside, nature is exhausting us. This growing helplessness of world leaders and their populations are making divisions between countries less important than the divisions within countries, and it is ultimately growing a desire in us for sincere connection. We will eventually come to see that only connection above the divisions can bring us peace, balance and harmony.

The point where both world leaders and their populations will feel helpless, and that control is out of their hands, is called “the recognition of evil.” It is a phase that we need to undergo toward a more positive connection and sensation of livelihood. This phase takes place in order for us to develop a sincere desire to connect above the divisiveness.

Through increasing division, we evolve in our understanding of what unity means. In the past, we related to unity in terms of families, tribes and nations. Today, unity needs to be revealed on a much broader scale, which is defined not as unity of one group against another, but unity above division.

Therefore, if we understand the principle of unity above division, how to approach it, and know how to invite the fundamental force of connection dwelling in nature that has the power to connect us, then we will be able to realize a new harmonious state in humanity: the unity of humanity upon the forces of division within every one of us.

Based on the Daily Kabbalah Lesson with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman on January 30, 2021. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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