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An Elevator to the World of Tomorrow

Whenever the world experiences a great upheaval, a desire arises to forge good bonds between all people. Whenever a country goes through an internal crisis, the desire arises to unite all parts of the nation. And yet, despite all this, life continues to lead us from disappointment to disappointment. So, what is it that we are missing on the path to tranquility and fulfillment?

The problem is that human beings are selfish by nature. We think only of ourselves, look out for our own good, and use others for our own pleasure. So even if we think of things like building a mutual bond between people and trying to establish organizations and processes to promote that goal, our results lack the power to overcome human nature, that is, to put love of others ahead of love only of ourselves within our hearts. Because of this, our efforts at bond building never last long.

What we need in order to succeed is a special power, something otherworldly, a kind of miracle mechanism that can elevate us from our selfish nature to a more advanced and sublime nature of love for others, something completely new.

We are in the midst of an evolutionary process. In recent decades, the world has become a holistic system in which all its details are interconnected, interdependent and interrelated. But we human beings, with our inward self-focus, are not yet integrated into the emerging world. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, everyone’s ego is simultaneously growing alongside and pushing us apart. Thus, the incompatibility between humanity and the system of nature is also growing. If human nature does not change, it is only a matter of time until we come to a destructive explosion.

There is a unique mechanism that can spare us this dire fate and elevate us to a new level of interaction, one that is safer and more pleasant. This life saving mechanism is described in the wisdom of Kabbalah, and it is a method for correcting human nature. By and large, the method is based on learning and practicing connection and communication techniques in small groups. One also learns in depth about the integral system of nature and the force that connects all the parts of reality into an integral, perfectly shaped mechanism.

There is a comprehensive system underlying all of nature wherein everything proceeds in connection, perfection, and harmony. This supreme law of nature which demands love absolutely cannot be violated. To the extent that we transcend our egoistic nature towards love of others, the distance between ourselves and others shortens until we literally are able to feel everyone within ourselves. Our mental and emotional calculations become harmoniously connected; the mind and heart unite in a centered line where everything becomes integral and linked.

Such a process of development can lead each of us to acquire true love of others and we are then able to begin to help shape our surrounding environment to also support that goal. This transformative switch from independence to interdependence will elevate our world of woes to the world of tomorrow, a closer and more cooperative world in which all humanity ascends to a prosperous future.

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