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What is an example that nature can be so cruel?

There are no such examples, because although I understand how people can perceive nature as being cruel, nature is not cruel at all.

Nature is a quality of absolute bestowal and love, without a shred of self-interest. When we feel nature in our opposite quality of egoistic self-interest, then we experience the opposite end of nature.

When I was a child, my mother scorched me about getting low grades at school. It made her anxious and distressed, but even though I experienced her as cruel in those moments, she was in fact acting lovingly and caringly toward me, wishing for me to develop as optimally as possible.

Nature is total altruism, and our quality is egoism. We feel opposite to nature’s kindness and love to the extent that we think and act contrarily to nature. This is the source for all of our negative feelings and suffering, and it is why we perceive ourselves as living in a bad world.

Yet, nature does nothing bad. It holds a constant benevolent attitude, and due to human nature’s opposition to nature in and of itself, we feel myriad phenomena in life as bad and evil. We need not blame ourselves or nature for this, it is simply a given situation that we were born into.

However, we have been granted an egoistic quality in order to be able to correct it and make ourselves as altruistic and complete as nature. Moreover, the more we evolve, the more our ego grows, and the more we feel our opposition to nature as one that causes greater and greater suffering in our lives. This development is in order to lead us to a point where we develop a sincere desire for self-transformation: to change our egocentric self-aimed modus operandi into one that is balanced with nature—altruistic, caring and loving. The process of changing ourselves to become more like nature is called “the process of correction,” and we have been given a method by which we can undergo this correction with more awareness and understanding than if we were left to our own devices.

For the time being, however, we have no such awareness, and we are like the child who does not understand why our parents are yelling at us.

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