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How did the universe begin?

Everything started with the desire to bestow.

The desire to bestow is the basis of creation. In that desire, an opposite desire began to appear, the desire to receive, which is the beginning of creation.

The desire to receive exists in order to emphasize the desire to bestow.

Where is the desire to bestow? Why don’t we feel it?

We cannot discover the desire to bestow alone. If we develop a desire to bestow, then we can discover this desire, and its revelation is called “the revelation of the Creator” or “revelation of the upper force.” That is, the desire to bestow is the initial force that existed in the universe, and the desire to receive, which is our (the creation’s) substance, is secondary.

In terms of whether or not our universe has a starting point, the wisdom of Kabbalah states that there is no beginning and no end. Our desire determines the place.

We can literally travel back and forth on the axis of time. Since all that exists is the desire to bestow, and our egoistic desire forms within the desire to bestow, then we have the ability to think about and grow the point of the desire to bestow out of our egoistic desire. We can progress toward adapting ourselves to the general desire to bestow, called “the Creator,” and at the end of our egoistic development, that is what we will discover.

Time travel is thus possible by changing our desire. We can change our desire to receive so that it lessens in importance, and we can increase the importance of bestowal upon reception. Diminishing the importance of receiving and increasing the importance of bestowal lets us progress on the axis of time.

What does “bestowal” mean? In simple terms, it means doing good to others. Through intending for others’ benefit, we can enter the upper force, i.e. the force that acts in our world, and which has acted even before the desire to receive came about, i.e. before the axis of time as we know it began.

In the end, only the desire to bestow will remain and fill reality. However, there is a difference between how the desire to receive functions in reality in its beginning and at its end. The difference is that in the end, the desire to receive fully develops and becomes able to appreciate the desire to bestow.

​​The desire to receive helps us increase the importance of the desire to bestow. When the desire to bestow becomes immensely important to us, then we draw it to ourselves, and feel a new whole reality that is beyond everything we experience in this world.

Raising the importance of the desire to bestow above the desire to receive is possible by enacting such appreciation in a group of people who agree to connect above their differences, and attract the desire to bestow in their relations. In such a group, we implement our connection up to the point where we attract the force of bestowal that fills the space between us and embraces us. There is no more powerful force, and when we discover it, we will realize how there is no other force in existence.

Based on the video “How Love Powers Time Travel” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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