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Can a person be perceptive enough to see our planet in way that tell them that they too are a part of nature?

We are incapable of understanding that we are parts of humanity, nature, the world and the universe. Our inborn ego limits us from seeing such a picture.

In order to feel the all-enveloping nature that surrounds us, we need to shift from an introverted perception of reality, where we accept everything into us with the help of the five senses that merely absorb information—to a state where we come out of ourselves.

We can impact such a shift in our perception of reality with an altruistic perception of the world.

This is why, for now, we are unable to see that the world is global and that we are integral parts of the world. However, our ego pushes us forward, and by means of suffering, we start feeling that we have no way out, and we need to understand the world in which we live. Otherwise, we will continue suffering until we eventually destroy ourselves.

Suffering makes us more perceptive because it develops our mind. In the beginning, suffering develops our mind in order for us to avoid it. Afterward, suffering nevertheless brings us to the realization of the integral and whole reality. We gradually discover that, in the end, our entire universe and we inside of it are parts of a single integral system, which has a law, a general law of nature—the law of love.

Therefore, we too need to become equal to this law. Nature works as a single organism, and only we are given free will in order to freely reach this understanding and to make ourselves integral parts in each of our personal statuses. When we achieve such a state, which I hope will be in the nearest future—then we will see that we rise above the animate level—where we live as animals, aiming to fulfill our personal needs alone—to the speaking level—where we come out of ourselves and aim at fulfilling others.

We will then feel ourselves as the global, interconnected and interdependent nature: all-embracing, eternal and perfect.

Based on a Q&A with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman on September 9, 2006. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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