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Are there any positive benefits of laziness and procrastination?

The more we evolve technologically and psychologically, the more we connect around the world and find ourselves working more and more.

Societies around the world today are completely different to how they used to be. In the past, we spent most of our time at home, in villages, participating in several different activities. We did not work from dawn to dusk, or all through the night, as many do today.

Today’s incessant work atmosphere is a chain reaction from industrial developments in the 19th century, such as the steam engine. The more inventions we make, the more we work. It is as if we latch ourselves onto a carriage, and then have to pull ourselves along.

However, this is incorrect.

We should indeed work less. We would be much better off if we would sit by a fireplace, like in the old days, take our time doing things, visit friends and relatives, and participant more in social events. Moreover, most work we invest so much time and effort into today is completely unnecessary, and exists only in order to increase profits as an end in and of itself.

Laziness is thus very beneficial.

Laziness gives us time and space to scrutinize our next moves very scrupulously, to check whether they are really necessary or not.

Laziness thus lets us act in more accordance with our needs, lessening our chances of finding ourselves running around in circles for the sake of “doing something with our lives,” which eventually leads to destructive outcomes.

Therefore, Kabbalistic sages have such saying as, “Sit instead of standing, and stand instead of walking,” and “Sit and do nothing—better.”

In short, the benefit of laziness is that the less we move, the less problems we encounter.

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