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Why is our world becoming more dangerous?

The human ego drives our evolution. As our ego becomes globally interconnected, our egoistic connections interlink, and we find ourselves in a snake pit of sorts, where everyone wants to use everyone else to their benefit.

Even though the growing ego develops us technologically, scientifically and socially, we need to reach a state where we question how we came to this.

Instead of making ourselves happier the more we develop, our egoistic development leads to the contrary. We find that no one truly benefits from such a form of development, except a few who manage to twist it to their advantage.

I thus see nothing positive in our so-called “progress” other than it bringing us closer to a state that Kabbalah calls “the recognition of evil.” The recognition of evil takes place when we realize our goals are wrong, that they lead to negative outcomes, increasing suffering, a terrible life, and we have no choice but to re-examine our entire existence, questioning how we reached such a state.

Also, what does it mean that our ego has become globally interconnected today, and how does that contribute to the world becoming increasingly dangerous?

According to Kabbalah, the human ego that drives our evolution is called the “desire to enjoy” with an intention to enjoy for self-benefit alone. The more we develop, the bigger the ego, and the stronger the realization of our egoistic goals. We then find ourselves increasingly wanting to devour others and nature in order to gain from the world, even if it means destroying the world in the process.

The reason we have not yet gone all the way and started an all-out war is because we see the end of the world as our own end. However, various crises—economic, cultural and social—loom in our world today, threatening to erupt in such a war.

If we wish to alleviate further suffering and change course to a positive path, we then need a new form of education, one capable of transforming our egoistic relations to altruistic ones. By changing the educational, media and cultural influences that we encounter on a daily basis to ones that teach how our true nature operates, the need for appreciating positive connection over divisiveness, as well as regular examples and exercises of the latter, and how altruism and positive connection are the fundamental laws of nature, we would then be on track to the greatest ever transition in history—from increasing danger, uncertainty, emptiness and anxiety to a harmonious, balanced, peaceful and happy life for all.

Based on a video “Why Is Our World Becoming More Dangerous?” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Nitzah Mazoz. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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