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Why is human suffering disproportionate due to some people suffering much more than others?

We each have different roles in the intricate interdependent system that we live in.

Similar to how a human body is a complete system, but which has different parts with different functions, likewise we each occupy different places in the system we share. For instance, some of us are closer to the system’s “brain,” and others, to the system’s “hands,” “legs,” “body” and so on.

The complete perception of the full extent of our interdependence is beyond our current narrow individualistic worldviews. However, if we saw the complete picture of the system we all exist in, then we would see how each person holds a unique and different root in this great big system. We thus each have different destinies, initial conditions and final states.

While it might seem unfair that some people suffer disproportionately in relation to others, if we discover the perception of the complete system in which we exist, then we would see exactly why everything unfolds as it does.

Likewise, the purpose of all suffering is ultimately to awaken in us questions about its cause and purpose, and such questions serve to lead us to a point where we become willing to rise above our narrow and limited worldviews, and enter into the perception of the complete picture of reality. By doing so, we discover the reason for all suffering, and how to conduct ourselves harmoniously and peacefully in the system we all share, alleviating the need for further suffering.

In short, if we positively connect to each other so that we would realize our relationships in this system harmoniously, i.e. where we each complement each other and achieve a state of equilibrium, then we would discover our interdependence in its positive form, and why we have each been given specifically the place and the function that we have been given in this system. In the end, while we each hold different roots and functions in this system, we will find how we are all equal in relation to what is required of us—to positively connect to each other above our initial conditions and states—in order to discover a harmonious and peaceful existence.

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Based on a lesson, “Fundamentals of Kabbalah,” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman on February 16, 2016. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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