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Why do we exist?

Many people ask about why we exist, and it leads us to change our lives in one way or another.

I have personally delved very deep into this question. At university, I studied bio-cybernetics, the human body’s systems, thinking that I could discover why we exist by doing so, but I found no answers in that field.

Only several years later did I find the answer in the wisdom of Kabbalah. I was always troubled by the question about why we exist, because without knowing its answer, I could not see why life was worth living. In our present times, I see the younger generation especially troubled by this question, even if they are not verbalizing it with those exact words. When we find no answers to why we exist, then we feel our existence here as purposeless, and as a result, we suffer in a variety of ways and intensities.

To discover why we exist, we need to discover the origin of existence, from which it all started and developed.

The origin of existence is the upper force.

The upper force—or “the Creator,” the “upper light,” “nature” and several other names for it—is essentially where we all come from, and our existential questions emerge from this force. We exist ultimately in order to discover why we exist. However, how we achieve a clear perception and sensation as to why we exist is another question.

How can we attain the origin of our existence?

“Why do we exist?” is a question that we humans specifically ask, and not other lifeforms. Moreover, not all people ask this question, and those who do, ask it in different intensities.

From one generation to the next, we feel an increasing need to answer the question as to why we exist. Especially in our generation, this question is expressed by more and more people suffering, whether in the forms of depression, stress, loneliness, anxiety, drug abuse, increasing mental illnesses, suicides, extremism, as well as several other problems.

The wisdom of Kabbalah has seen a widespread emergence in our times so that anyone who feels this question can find its answer. Kabbalah is a method that lets us undergo self and social transformation in order to feel a new sense of reality, one that is complete, interconnected and full of goodness and happiness.

We achieve why we exist when we achieve a clear perception and sensation of the force that created and develops us. Such a new perception provides us with a clear understanding of why we are here. By achieve the origin of our existence, we achieve no less than eternity and perfection while living in this world.

Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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