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Why do we cry?

Crying comes from agreeing that we are out of energy, that our fate is not in our hands; that there is a superior “something” in our lives, which we can do nothing about; and also that we ultimately have no idea about what is going on in our lives.

We cry as a result of feeling weak and helpless. By doing so, we also yield to the upper force, a greater force of nature that exists in reality.

In our corporeal reality, crying is our way of expressing ourselves when we want what is out of our reach, or when we feel a certain kind of compassion for other people, i.e., picturing ourselves in other people’s shoes and becoming afraid of the same negative occurrences happening to us.

In spirituality, crying is the expression of passive participation in our spiritual correction, i.e., the transformation of our egoistic intention to receive into an intention to love and bestow. That is, crying is a sign that we (as a spiritual Partzuf or soul) are spiritually weak, in the state called “Katnut” (“spiritual smallness” or “spiritual infancy”), which is a small spiritual state where we have a tiny intention to bestow above our inborn desire to receive. In other words, in such a state, our intention is strong enough to protect us from egoistically receiving for self-benefit alone, but it does not yet let us work directly with our ego in order to love and bestow.

Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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