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Why did God create the heavens and the earth?

There are two forces in existence: (1) the creation, which is the desire to receive and enjoy the light of the Creator, and (2) the Creator, which is the light itself, the desire to bestow pleasure, enjoyment, fulfillment and delight.

While the creation is equal to the light, i.e. wishing to receive the light with an intention to bestow contentment upon the Creator, then it receives the light. However, if the creation intends to receive the light with a self-aimed intention, i.e. to please itself alone, then it is opposite to the Creator. In such a state, the creation feels none of the intended pleasure that the Creator wishes to impart, and instead feels complete darkness, a black copy of the light. Such a state is called “this world” or “our world.”

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” means that the Creator created the qualities of bestowal and reception. Why? It is in order for us to host a combination of these qualities, and to have the ability to exercise our free choice about which of them to use: a desire to receive and enjoy with an self-aimed intention to receive, or a desire to receive with an intention to bestow like the Creator.

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