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Why are the Jews ( and Israel) hated so disproportionately throughout human history?

If we would not have been hated disproportionately throughout history, then we would not exist.

Hatred toward us has been our key unifying factor. We have no natural will to unite, but nature’s forces act in order to unite us, first among each other, and then through us to humanity.

We should not try to escape antisemitism, but rather understand it as a necessary force in nature, and penetrate into the core of the phenomenon in order to extract the knowledge of exactly why it exists and how to leverage it to humanity’s and nature’s benefit.

We should seek to deepen our knowledge and implementation of the wisdom of connection, to learn the core reasons for all events taking place today and in history, to show us how nature operates on all of us, and what we can do in order to unite, and by doing so, enter into balance with nature.

When we start enriching our connections through education that paves the path to unity above division, then we will start progressing to a positive form of unity that is in balance with nature. And when we unite in such a way, we will realize our role as “a light unto the nations.”

Therefore, the way to solve antisemitism once and for all is for us to unite according to the rule “Love your neighbor as yourself.” By doing so, humanity will start discovering a whole new harmonious and abundant reality.

In short, when people feel the positive effects of unity entering into their lives—happiness, confidence, safety, good health, relationships and the feeling that we lack nothing in our lives but to increase our love and care for others—then the hatred of Jews will not only disappear for good, but on the contrary, it will invert into a positive form of love, respect and appreciation toward a people that serve as a conduit for a newfound happiness entering their lives.

Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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