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What life lesson did your first love teach you?

Our first love gives us a wonderful feeling, totally overwhelming us and making us feel alive.

However, most of us don’t end up marrying our first love. It is as if we are tricked into receiving a divine taste, which is then taken away from us.

Why do we experience these elevated feelings that soon fade away?

It is in order to develop our feelings, especially regarding the special feeling of love. After losing our first love, we can then learn to work on ourselves in order to understand what love truly is and how to reach it.

We can then add intellect to the original emotion of love that we had from childhood, before our hormones developed, and which swept us into a frenzy. Afterward, we can discern how our initial feeling of love gave us a special sense of life.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, we are given the elated feelings associated with our first love in order to show us that the light of love—an eternal creative force beyond our current perception and sensation of reality—is greater than anything else we feel in our lives.

We can bring this light into our lives by wanting to love as the force of love does: with no calculation of self-benefit embedded within. It was this same force of love that illuminated upon us and gave us the feeling of love through what we felt as the object of our first love.

We have the opportunity to reach a much greater sensation of love by thinking about the source of love from which we receive everything, including our first love. However, we have problems connecting the eternal force of love that is behind everything we feel (which is called “the Creator” or “nature” in the wisdom of Kabbalah) to the original juvenile love that we felt.

All love comes from the same single source. Hatred also stems from the same source, existing in love as its opposite, like the opposite side of a coin. We are given such emotions in order to develop ourselves and become as loving as the force of love itself—with no shred of self-interest in our love—and by doing so, experience eternity and perfection.

Therefore, the elated feeling of our first love is given to us and then stripped from us in order to help us work toward achieving it by ourselves. Love is the ultimate source of all life, the force of nature that creates, sustains and develops everything in existence, and toward us.

Instead of receiving an object of love and yearning with no choice, as we did with our first love, we can learn from such an experience in order to apply our own yearning to love all humanity, nature and the reality surrounding us. By doing so, we acquire the greatest possible love, and we all develop toward such a sensation. Everything happening to us ultimately comes to develop us in order to discover the perfect and all-encompassing love that exists in reality.

Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman. Photo by Nellia Kurme on Unsplash

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