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Humanity began its development in ancient Babylon. That is where egoism had flared up in humanity for the first time. Back then, together with the upshot of egoism, the wisdom of Kabbalah started becoming revealed. It is a wisdom that speaks of how to tame egoism and bring it to balance with nature. However, since humanity did not take this path, but continued developing egoistically, the wisdom of Kabbalah was concealed until the end of humanity’s development. This is what was written about it even over 5,000 years ago in the ancient sources.

In our era, through all kinds of formations and problems, humanity has reached the end of egoistic development. We now see how erroneous and incorrect egoistic development has been. Now we once again merit seeing the end of the path that we began back then, when we failed to accept the method of how to achieve balance with nature. After 5,000 years, we have reached the maximal growth of the ego, and see the extent to which we erred throughout the course of our development. We thus find ourselves in the same state that we were in back then: The wisdom of Kabbalah is again becoming revealed, and with its help, we can regain balance with nature—but this time on the maximal level of our egoistic development.

In the past, we were able to balance our development and start gradually developing together with the growing ego, balancing ourselves with nature in mutual love. However, we wanted to take a different path, and we thus built the Tower of Babel. Sources allegorically narrate on how we wanted to “reach the heavens” egoistically, and that is when people stopped understanding each other, progressed in hatred toward each other, and settled in different countries around the world.

Today, we see that this did not help. We nevertheless belong to a single humanity, one group that has settled all over the globe. However, we are still the same small system, the same Babylonian civilization, only we have grown to reach the size of eight billion people. This does not matter, since we are nevertheless obligated to carry out the law of balance with nature of which the wisdom of Kabbalah speaks. This is why Kabbalah is so in demand today and why it is now becoming revealed to everyone: in order to show humanity how it is really possible to achieve balance with nature, and a peaceful and harmonious life.

Based on a Q&A with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman on September 9, 2006. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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