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What is the real meaning of spirituality?

Spirituality is above our corporeal reality. It is a completely opposite perception and sensation to our inborn bodily one.

We are born into an egoistic human nature, prioritizing self-benefit over benefiting others.

However, spirituality operates in an opposite, altruistic way to our egoistic nature—as an attitude of absolute love for the other.

What does it mean that we are born into an egoistic human nature? It means that everything we do is ultimately aimed at personal benefit.

The egoistic motor constantly running behind our every thought, desire and action is wrenched into our worldview more than we are aware of, blocking our ability to see us all connected, like members of a single family, since it filters out the absolute love that exists in our connections at the roots of our soul.

Therefore, every corporeal act we perform is based on this egoistic “perceptual blockage” that we all share, which constantly gravitates our attention onto ourselves.

However, a spiritual action is outside of and detached from its performer.

Instead of identifying with our “I’s,” we identify with the causal force behind its corporeal manifestations. That is made possible by attaining an identical intention toward others as the Creator: an intention of absolute love and bestowal.

Therefore, spirituality is the reality of connection with the Creator, the sensation of fulfillment by the quality of love and bestowal.

Spirituality is outside time, space, motion, and the animate body. It is felt solely in a new sense—a sincere intention to benefit the other—which is regularly exercised and developed on the spiritual path.

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