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What is nature’s plan?

Nature’s plan is to facilitate every degree of nature’s development, from one degree to the next, in order to gradually reach the highest evolutionary degree, that of the human.

In Hebrew, the word for “human” (“Adam”) comes from the word for “similar” (“Domeh”), and a human being is one who becomes “similar to the most high” (“Domeh le Elyon”). Our inborn animate degree is a desire to enjoy, and this desire to enjoy remains intact throughout any changes we acquire. Nature, at its source, is a single force and thought that has no intention for self-benefit, but only acts in a direction of giving. In other words, the general force of nature (altruism) is opposite to our inborn nature (egoism).

While our innate animate desire to enjoy remains intact, we can develop our thoughts, intentions and attitudes to each other and to nature so that they shift from wishing to enjoy for self-benefit alone, to wishing to enjoy by benefiting others and nature. In other words, at the level of our thoughts, intentions and attitudes to each other and to nature, above our inborn desire to enjoy, we can become similar (“Domeh”) to the general force of nature, which is what turns us into human beings.

Nature’s plan is thus to develop us not to become nature, but to become like nature in our thoughts, intentions and attitudes to each other, or in other words, to change our attitudes to each other from egoistic to altruistic, from a negative connection to a positive one. When we do so, we undergo a monumental shift from being opposites with nature—receiving from nature at every given moment—to being partners with nature in our attitudes to each other and to nature, and we thus achieve balance with nature. Making such a shift also means attaining a state of completion, perfection and eternity—opposite sensations to our current animate state.

Nature is guiding us to that exalted state. Moreover, the human degree is the final ultimate degree of our evolution that we are developing toward. We cannot rise any higher than that. We can only acquire nature’s altruistic quality in our thoughts, intentions and attitudes, but not in our actual receptive nature.

Based on a Q&A with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman on December 2, 2021. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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