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What does true love really look like?

In the lives we currently know, true love is nonexistent. If we start rising to our next degree of development, above our current life, where we all come from, then we start discovering true love.

Today, there is a need to re-educate ourselves about love, even though life itself is doing most of the work for us. We need to realize that the instances of what we call love are but tiny sparks within an omnipresent higher love that gradually draws us to its discovery. And the discovery of this higher love is synonymous with discovering the meaning of life. It is a completely different feeling—an attraction, connection and fulfillment that is whole, perfect and eternal.

The ideas about love that propagate through novels, TV shows and films only confuse us. From a biological standpoint, we should by all means find suitable mates, raise families and our next generation. But more importantly, if we direct our aspirations spiritually, toward love for all humanity, then everything will fall into place.

Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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