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What are the things that do not matter in life?

We are made of egoistic material, where we primarily consider self-benefit at the expense of others.

The more we develop, the more our egos grow, and in our era especially, our egos have developed to such heights that we find it increasingly difficult to fulfill ourselves.

Beyond our life’s essentials—food, sex, family and shelter—our egos make us think that wealth, power and fame are important, so much so that many people are willing to dedicate their entire lives in order to reach one or more of those goals.

However, if we understood that beyond all of the corporeal goals we can picture to ourselves, there is a more exalted spiritual goal awaiting us all—one where we become awarded with an eternal soul, neverending fulfillment, a complete perception and sensation of reality, as well as harmony and balance with nature’s altruistic quality—then we would see corporeal pleasures as unimportant, since they are transient and lead to no lasting fulfillment.

It has been written about the spiritual goal by those who have attained it, that if a person would experience even the tiniest amount of spiritual pleasure, then he would be willing to give away everything he has in corporeality for the sake of spiritual growth.

Spiritual pleasure, however, is hidden from us.

This is because, if it were readily available, then we would become attached to it simply because it would be a much greater pleasure than everything available in our world, and by doing so, we would exercise no free choice in our spiritual pursuit.

We come to the spiritual path when we feel a certain kind of emptiness and lack of fulfillment in our corporeal desires. As much as we fill ourselves with food, sex, family, money, honor, control and knowledge, we keep finding ourselves lacking, wanting something different, and eventually question life’s meaning and essence.

Those with existential questions together with bitter experiences in their corporeal desires are led to a spiritual search, where they check different materials and groups seeking answers, ultimately, as to why they are alive.

If we reach the realization that we live in order to elevate ourselves to a higher perception and sensation of reality, where we attain our eternal soul, then when the greatness of that spiritual goal illuminates as being of utmost importance in life, we lose importance in corporeal goals of wealth, power and fame.

We then develop a much more natural and balanced approach to corporeality. We stop trying to extract all kinds of pleasures from overinflated corporeal desires, and instead, operate above them with an intent to reach the spiritual goal.

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