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What are the principles of education?

The key educational principle is “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Realizing this principle leads us to the fullest realization of human potential, and the creation of a society of happy and confident people who feel completely safe and secure with one another.

Moreover, realizing a state of common love, giving, caring and positive connection in human society leads us to completely understand ourselves, nature and the fundamental laws that run our existence in this world.

It leads us to balance with nature, because nature is a quality of love and bestowal, and thus by actualizing similar attitudes and relations among each other, we fulfill our role in nature and feel ourselves as one with nature.

Currently, we feel detached from nature. We each feel ourselves as individuals with egoistic goals, self-interests and self-concerns, qualities that oppose nature’s altruistic quality.

Therefore, by implementing a method of human connection, which lets us reach a state of mutual love and care, we enter into increasing balance with nature, and thus feel positive feedback from nature: We will find how several of the problems we experience in today’s reality will simply disappear, as they are all based on thinking and acting in an egoistic opposition to the altruistic way in which nature thinks and acts.

After establishing the main principle, that the goal of education should be to reach balance with nature through “Love your neighbor as yourself,” since it is the key to our ultimate levels of happiness, confidence, safety, understanding, sensation and consciousness, then there are some other principles of education that help guide our way there.

One is constancy. That is, education to reach a state of common love and positive connection is for every person, of all age groups, from young to old, and of all genders, races and languages. It is not something that starts and ends in a certain time period, like our current primary, secondary and tertiary education systems. Rather, education is not only what takes place in classrooms, but we are educated from the messages and examples we absorb in our societies. We should thus regularly consume media of all kinds of formats, i.e., TV, radio, the Internet, mobile devices and the like, as well as occasional participation in events, which all provide us with a method for achieving positive connection in society.

Moreover, in order for this kind of education to become effective, we should ideally we registered in a system where we need to conduct and report on various exercises regularly. The exercises should aim at increasing our positive connection to each other and developing a more genuinely loving and caring attitude to others above our egoistic attitudes.

Implementation of these educational principles in society would elevate us to a new level of human consciousness where we would experience peace, love, unity and harmony from the newfound balance with nature that we would attain.

Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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