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We Have to Check the World into the Nearest Repair Shop

We keep wondering why the world hates us; we should know that it hates us only because we hate each other. The last three decades have seen the world going from bad to worse. Soviet Communism has disintegrated, the American

We Mourn the Ruin of the Temple, but We Extol its Cause

Each year come Tisha B’Av, we mourn the ruin of the Temple due to our baseless hatred. And yet, each year we make our mutual hatred more entrenched. So what good are our tears? A Bad Day for the Jews

A Letter to a Sufi Friend

If I sometimes sound as though I am against Islam, or against this or that political stance, you should know that I am not. I am against any radicalization, as it separates us from each other. About two weeks ago,

Why Are There Anti-Israel Jews?

No other country must defend against its own people’s passion to destroy it. The world hates us because we hate each other. Let’s simply stop. When the State of Israel was established, shortly after the end of World War II,

Is Israel Really Detrimental to the World?

If we disperse, as Soros and his lot would like, the world will not know how to achieve peace, and human society will collapse into complete mayhem. In last week’s column, “Why are there anti-Israel Jews,” I wrote that like me, Jewish

We Ignited the BDS; Only We Can Put it Out

These days, when alienation and hostility are taking over our society, it is no wonder that the BDS is winning. This week, strategic affairs minister, Gilad Erdan, is in London on a BDS-fighting mission. According to Minister Erdan, “Great Britain is

Time to Rethink Education

There is a disconnect between the demands of life in Israel and the Israeli education system. As always, a new school year means new hopes, as well as new dreads. But these days, the dreads far outweigh the hopes. Our

New Course at Berkeley University: How to Get Rid of Israel – CANCELLED

The course UC Berkeley intended to offer is only the beginning of the next wave of anti-Semitism that has spread throughout US campuses. This week I learned that the prestigious UC Berkeley intended to offer this year a course on “settler colonialism”

Institutionalized Antisemitism at UC Berkrley — Facts and Details

There is good reason for concern for the future of Jews on American campuses. Last week’s column, New course at Berkeley University: How to get rid of Israel – Cancelled, made a lot of noise. I received quite a few emails

The Year of Change

This year, let us be “a light unto nations” for the first time in modern history. Each year, as the (usually extended) family gathers around the Rosh Hashanah table, a lively chatter fills the air. Yet, often, a very Jewish narrative takes

Liberals, Republicans, and the Jews Between Them

US Jewry stands out more than any Jewish community in history. They will determine if this works for them or against them. For several months now, I have been writing about the exposure of the totalitarian nature of today’s liberalism,

The Trump-Netanyahu Meeting and the Chance for Peace

Shalom (peace) means hashlama (complementing), as vying parties complement each other to make something new and complete. Last week, US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met for the first time after Trump’s inauguration. The two have