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Is dancing a spiritual thing?

Dancing is very natural. It is the body’s language. Where there are no words left to express ourselves, we dance.

Dancing and singing stem from our desire to connect to the upper force, to our destiny, and to hope.

The individualized form of dancing that has developed over the generations is an outcome of our egoistic development, where the more egoistic we become, the more our human activities, including dancing, become individualized.

Dancing in groups and in circles gives us a feeling of connection to others, where by dancing together, we become stronger, and fuel ourselves with more intention and desire. Dancing together also gives us much greater strength than dancing as individuals because a spiritual force dwells in our togetherness, which helps us overcome our egos. Thus, in such a setup, negative egoistic forces become positive forces that increase our connection.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, dancing is the expression of connection and love that has to ride upon division and hatred, like two poles. It is our work to connect these opposites, and dance emerges as a balance of opposite motions, such as drawing closer together and then retreating, and jumping up and down. It points to our nature as individual and separate beings created as such by nature, how we overcome and rise above that state, and our desire to become as one.

Dancing with God is called “the dance of the bride and the groom.” God, or the upper force, is the groom and we are the bride who brings ourselves into connection with God. We are then willing to do whatever God wants of us, devotedly, and that becomes our dance.

Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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