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How will deep fakes impact society for the next few years?

That there is technology that can show people on video saying and doing things that they did not actually say or do, and that this technology will enter our lives more and more in the coming years, should lessen our belief in things that we see online, and even more so, that ultimately the entire reality we perceive, i.e., through our five senses, is deceitful.

The feeling of distrust in everything we see and hear will serve to enhance our desire for truth, and we will then be compelled to seek out different sources in order to find the truth.

A sincere search for truth will eventually lead us to the need for establishing different forms of communication to our current ones, where we will learn how to positively connect until we unify above our divisions as one human society with a single heart.

In other words, we will have to correct our hearts, which are selfish at their core, and invert the way we sense reality to one that is altruistic, i.e., where we prioritize benefiting others over self-benefit.

When we reach a feeling of genuine concern and responsibility for other people, sincerely wishing for their best, then we will open up a world where no lies and deceit exist. After all, could we lie to anybody whom we truly love?

By aiming to positively connect, to love one another, we align ourselves with the deep-seeded interconnectedness and interdependence in nature. We then come closer to feeling the positive force dwelling in nature within our common love and care for each other. This sensation of love that we discover among human society when we correctly connect is the ultimate truth: it is nature’s source quality, and it has the power to completely fulfill each and every one of us.

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