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How long does a spiritual awakening take?

The length of time for each person’s spiritual awakening depends on the state of the collective system we are all parts of, which develops to an increasingly unified state, and how we are needed in that system.

A person is a small part of the collective system (called “the soul of Adam HaRishon” in the wisdom of Kabbalah). This system determines each person’s appearance in this world and development toward our final unified state.

Our initial spiritual awakening takes place involuntarily. We are given a desire for spirituality, called a “point in the heart,” which is expressed as questions about life’s meaning and purpose. Such questions lead us through different environments until we find one that provides us with a path to their fulfillment.

When on this path, we then need only do whatever is in our hands to do, and then the time it takes to receive further spiritual awakening no longer depends on us.

The spiritual path divides into stages of knowledge, understanding, and finally, attainment.

Attainment of spirituality in our senses takes the longest amount of time.

Spiritual attainment means not only understanding the system’s intelligence, but also completely internalizing all of its connections, working with it as a partner.

Reaching such a state means harmonizing with the collective system we are parts of, benefiting the system by contributing to its harmony, and discovering the root of our soul.

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