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How do you understand the way that your spirituality has been part of your life?

People on the spiritual path feel that their daily lives, everything they experience, fits in with this path.

For instance, if you work in an office for eight-to-ten hours a day, you understand that it is part of your spiritual work. If you hold the need to spiritually progress while working, then through your every motion, you let spiritual energy pass through you. Such an approach is necessary in order to reach spiritual corrections, i.e., the attainment of an intention to love and bestow above the inborn

This world’s myriad interactions are given to us so that we influence each other with spiritual energy. Therefore, if we approach our daily lives in a way where we receive spiritual fulfillment from our spiritual studies, and then interact at workplaces and other daily activities among several people who have no spiritual interests, then we become kinds of “spiritual undercover agents,” channeling spiritual content through society to humanity at large. They also feel a positive effect from this work, even though they cannot pinpoint exactly what they feel and where it comes from.

By operating in such a way, we connect to each other and imbue the world with spirituality. Moreover, for people who wish to spiritually advance, it becomes a necessity to do so.

Our world has been created such that we have families, relationships, work and other social interactions—not in order for us to shy away from such relations, but so that through full contact with society, we add our intention to positively connect everyone harmoniously, and by doing so, bring ourselves closer to spirituality. This is why the wisdom of Kabbalah states that anyone wishing to attain spirituality should connect themselves to society, build a family and work, as it lets the spiritual forces drawn through the study stream out to society at large. The more we spiritually advance, the more we see that spirituality exists in positive human connections.

Therefore, if you try and apply the intention to positively connect to others with an attitude of love and bestowal in your daily life, you will see success; your friends and coworkers will relate differently to you, and you will also reach spiritual accomplishments while doing so.

We need to see that our connection to humanity holds the potential for our spiritual realization. Thus, with our spiritual circles, as well as with our families, friends, coworkers and others, we should seek to strengthen our inner connection to the spiritual forces of love and bestowal through our spiritual environment, and transmit those forces to humanity.

Based on the World Zohar Week Lesson on February 2, 2014. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman

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