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How can you get rid of negative thinking?

In order to get rid of negative thinking and all the problems and crises that stem from it, we have to be connected to the fundamental thought that exists before and beyond all of our thoughts—the thought that governs nature on all of its levels: still, vegetative, animate and human.

How can we gain access to that exalted all-encompassing thought?

It is by a correct form of connection among us.

In our current state, we emanate negative thoughts and influences by hosting an egoistic intention upon all of our desires. This egoistic intention is expressed as myriad “viruses” of exploiting others for profit, status and control.

The more we think and act according to an egoistic modus operandi, the more we spread these viruses to others, and as a result, more and more negative phenomena abound in our world.

Our egoism infects society, becomes mutated in society, and then returns back to us with much greater strength. Soon, we all agonizingly endure contaminated living conditions where our egoistic connections intensify to become increasingly negative and hateful.

Today, we experience various mutations of hatred, cutthroat competitiveness, envy, lust, pride, control, and an ever-increasing compulsion to exploit anyone and anything if it serves our personal fulfillment.

The problem with such an abundance of negative thoughts is that our goals of becoming more fulfilled elude us more and more, and we find that neither do we nor others truly enjoy ourselves under such circumstances.

Our egos develop in order for us to reach a conclusion that if we continue trying to personally benefit at the expense of others, then nobody wins, and we will find ourselves becoming more and more helpless.

How, then, can we change our negative ways of thinking and spark a different positive form of development?

We should seeks ways to transform such a system according to the principle, “Don’t do to others what you hate,” and “Love your neighbor as yourself.” In other words, by positively connecting to each other, and investing in creating a society that supports, encourages and uplifts its members to think and act positively above egoistic drives, then we will positively transform our thinking. By valuing and respecting examples of doing good to the world and to others, then thoughts of how to positively affect others would start spreading among society, replacing the negative thoughts that stem from valuing and respecting individualistic and materialistic goals.

The “viruses” we spread to each other would then become positive ones. Thoughts we pass to each other are considered viruses because they penetrate us without our awareness. It is as if we guide other people by focusing good intentions upon them, and these intentions serve to positively influence them. We then make the world a better and healthier place.

We each host a certain spark of the universe, and we have an opportunity to take responsibility for this spark and operate it by creating a society that encourages and supports harmonious human connections.

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