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How can we solve the worlds clean water shortage problem?

The spiritual root of water is the force of bestowal, which in Kabbalah is called “the force of Bina.

As such, on one hand, we develop in water when we are embryos and fetuses, we are born in water, we are drawn to water, and the human body mostly consists of water. However, on the other hand, we become emotionally drier from one generation to the next. In other words, the more we develop, the more the human ego grows, and likewise, the more our attitudes to each other dry out, lacking emotion and an inner sense of connection.

There is an abundance of water in the world, and the sole reason for water shortage is our lack of positive connection to each other. Due to our growing egoistic nature, we find ourselves lodged in myriad problems, with water shortage in several parts of the world being one of them.

If we cared about others as much as we care about ourselves, then we would find solutions to our several problems, water shortage among them. People would find themselves with access to an abundance of water, however, wherever and whenever they want it.

The patent to solving our problems is very simple and open to everyone: If we connect ourselves with a positive attitude of bestowal to each other, then as bestowal is the spiritual root of water (Hassadim [mercy]), we too would draw living water, not floodwater, from above and from below.

Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman. Image: A visual representation of Bina, the quality of absolute bestowal.

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