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How can we find or make our destiny come true?

We will each indeed have to scrutinize and choose what our true destiny is. What is our true destiny?

We will eventually discover that our true destiny is not found in our narrow lives here, i.e., it is not in reaching any kind of corporeal achievement or profession. Today, we are coming to eight billion people on the planet, and there is no need for all the focus on professions as we had in the past, where people see their destinies in becoming great artists, scientists, doctors, entrepreneurs and the like.

There is a new need growing in humanity, which requires dealing with destiny on a different level.

People’s true destiny in this world is to positively connect above the human ego’s divisive drives, and to discover a new level of life in such connection. In other words, where the human ego demands fulfillment at the expense of other people and nature, our true destiny rests in rising above this nature-given tendency and discovering a new world unbounded by the ego’s dictates and limits.

The new level of life that we can discover in positive connection to each other above our egoistic drives is a spiritual life. “Spiritual” means life above our corporeal limitations and conditions, above the limits of time, space and motion. “Corporeality” is defined by the egoistic forces of reception, and “spirituality” means altruistic forces of giving and bestowal.

Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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