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How can one be close to God?

The wisdom of Kabbalah states that we exist within God, which is a higher force of love, bestowal and connection. We are inside this force, but do not feel it. Instead, we feel only ourselves. What we perceive as the world is solely what we depict out of our own forces.

We can, however, reach a state where we let go of our false perception and reach a true one: the sensation of the upper force acting outside of us, detached from any imagination, desire or thought of ours. In other words, we can reach a desire to feel the Creator as He is, and not the way we imagine Him.

If we wish to attain the truth of what is outside of us, we then need to exert in exiting our nature—the egoistic desire that draws whatever it perceives as beneficial to itself from the environment, the world.

We have to take a moment to contemplate what we are doing here. We are not the masters of our own desires. We are, however, the masters of whether or not we realize our desires.

How can we realize our desires? It is by seeking an environment, a society, which shares the same direction and goal in life—wanting to feel the truth and not to chase nonsense our entire lives.

There are societies based on common interests that aim at reaching a smorgasbord of goals, for instance, societies sharing a common interest in various sports, arts and teachings. Becoming closer to God, i.e. connecting with the upper force of love, bestowal and connection, involves organizing a society that wishes to rise above our various attractions, and to achieve the world outside and above this corporeal range of our desires.

If we wish to view reality outside the filters of our own desires, then we would need to view a different and higher reality to our current one. We would then require a society that can help us—for us to convince each other that it is beneficial and preferable for us to rise above the desires that surface in us at every moment, and that we want first and foremost to become connected to the upper force.

Based on the video “How to Connect With the Creator” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Tal Mandelbaum. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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