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Did God Give the Torah to Moses in Public? If So, Is There Solid Proof?

It is only an allegorical statement. Do we really think that God or the Creator descended from heaven holding the Torah in His hands?

The Creator is a force of nature that connects harmoniously between all elements of reality.

Some people have more of an inclination to reveal this force, feeling questions about life’s meaning and purpose more succinctly than others, and also feeling attracted to a deeper connection with reality.

Those who feel such an attraction, and who find a method to develop it into a new revelation of reality become Kabbalists. They engage in its attainment and revelation, and it gradually becomes a science of how to discover the Creator.

The Creator is immaterial, and thus unattainable using physical and corporeal devices.

However, if we develop a force opposite to our egoistic nature, an altruistic force, then we will start feeling the Creator completely surrounding us.

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