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Can we have spiritual awakening without knowing or preparing for it?

We exist within an absolute and eternal force of nature, which exists above time, space, motion and everything that we can possibly imagine to ourselves. This force created an empty space within itself, and that empty space is where we exist and sense our lives.

Spirituality is attainable not after we die, but while we are alive in this world. The path of spiritual attainment is one of attaining equivalence of qualities with the absolute and eternal force of nature. For instance, if we want to listen to the radio, then we need a radio receiver—an instrument made for tuning into certain radio frequencies. Likewise, with regard to spiritual attainment—the sensation of the absoluteness and eternity that exists in nature—we need to develop a certain instrument within ourselves that can tune itself into that force.

Through a process of spiritual study and engagement in an environment that supports our spiritual progress, we gradually create such an “instrument” within ourselves, through which we start feeling the absolute and eternal force of nature in addition to everything we feel in our world. During this process, we also gain understanding as to where we are, where we came from, where we are headed, and how we can transform ourselves to resemble the qualities of the absolute and eternal force of nature above our inborn qualities—to play an influential role upon that force, and not just to passively learn about it.

The process is similar to the one we undergo in our corporeal development: We are born in this world, and the more we grow up, the more we can influence it. Likewise, the more we spiritually grow, then the more we can influence the spiritual world. Moreover, the system is devised such that our influence on the spiritual world conveys only positive signals.

Therefore, while our initial awakening to seek out a spiritual path takes place involuntarily and unknowingly—a spiritual desire awakens that makes us search for a path and a method that can lead us to its fulfillment—our entrance into spirituality is done knowingly and with great preparation. It requires study and participation in an environment that supports such spiritual progress. Then, to the extent that we resemble spirituality—the absolute and eternal force of nature—we can then positively influence both spirituality as well as our corporeal world, which exists under the spiritual providence.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is the method that makes such a transition possible. It is the science of our world’s governance through the spiritual world.

Based on a Virtual Lesson on October 11, 2015. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman.

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