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Can helping others help you find the meaning in life?

We need to be well connected in order to find the meaning of life, because life’s meaning can truly be found above our current life.

Therefore, we can attain the meaning of life by exiting ourselves, which is possible by connecting to others—wishing for their benefit above our own personal benefit.

Our self-serving desires block the sensation of life’s meaning. They seek self-fulfillment at the expense of others and nature, and such fulfillment dissolves upon our reception of it.

By exiting ourselves and connecting to others in a way where we end up feeling others’ desires as our own, we then start seeing a much greater life open up. It is a life outside the limits of our personal narrow desires, and inside the desires of others: desires ready to be fulfilled at every moment. In other words, we find the meaning of life by being inside others.

We need a special kind of positive connection in order to attain the meaning of life, to become awakened above our individual narrow perceptions. In other words, we discover life’s meaning in the same direction by which life comes and enters us.

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