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How would you change if you won a half- billion dollar lottery?

Recently in the United States, four people collectively won a little over a billion dollars. It was the third-biggest lottery win in US history, and the prize pool keeps growing. There is a well-known phenomenon where people who suddenly win such massive amounts of money have bigger chances of bankruptcy.

These prize winners receive a rare opportunity to make an effort to relate to life in a balanced manner. Can they balance the forces working on them in order to deal with the temptation of buying extravagant and unnecessary items? We are unable to digest or fully understand such a magnitude of luck.

True luck is having the ability to be directed to a balanced state through every situation, to constantly choose the happy middle between intellect and emotion. Sometimes we are lucky in some life events and unlucky in others. It so happens in order for us to find a balance by ourselves, so that we can check to see if what we receive is truly essential in our lives.

No matter how we spin it, luck exists within the system of nature, and no matter how lucky we are, we still depend on the general calculation where we are all connected together, the state of our collective soul. In such a state, forces operate on all of us at every given moment, and we have no idea as to why, how, to whom and when certain events arise for all kinds of people.

In order to derive more luck from this system, we should want to use nature’s forces in a balanced manner, with the desire to perceive and sense the system of nature in a balanced and harmonious way at every given moment of our lives.

We become balanced when our intellect and emotions are balanced, i.e., when our human nature (the force of reception) and the general nature (the force of giving) are balanced, regardless of our myriad drives. By balancing ourselves with nature, i.e., by acquiring the giving force over our innate receptive force, then our behavior can serve as an example for how to relate beneficially to other people.

Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman. Photo by dylan nolte on Unsplash.

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