Dr. Michael Laitman To Change the World – Change Man

Israel’s Security and Economic Crisis

Dr. Laitman: There is a connection between all the situations. Even a global connection all around the world that is presented as a multifaceted crisis at the moment. It all depends on man’s attitude to life. We can’t simply manage our lives the way we want. We have to act in accordance with the rules of nature. The economy is not a precise science like physics or biology. We learn from nature how to behave and that’s what we do – good things and bad things but according to the laws of nature.

We have created some laws for ourselves here, where we feel we are making changes from today to tomorrow with the main goal of profiting as much as possible. That is not the way to manage a country or the world. And it’s not wonder that with this attitude we’re always going up and down in all the countries and at the end of the day we come to a general crisis.

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