Dr. Michael Laitman To Change the World – Change Man

The Foundation for the Building New Economy

The new person wants pleasures and to enjoy life. We’re not going to become robots. People will still have families and go to work. But people are getting less satisfaction nowadays because we are quickly approaching a phase of reasonable consumption where we will only produce what we really need. Profit wil no longer be the goal but rather to provide ourselves with basic necessities and we’ll put the rest of our energy into studying the connections between us. They will see what a createive force this provides them with and brings beneficial results. By discovering the force of connection we can discover a new world. People were not created to work harder and harder all the time, and to run around filling ourselves with things. The high divorce rate today is also as a result of people that want to make a profit from marriages breaking up. Everything becomes double – the homes, cars, appliances etc. So for capitalists it’s good to keep us separated.

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