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How a Woman Can Reach Her Full Potential

Who Rules The Family? Women!

When examining the corrected society in which we aspire to live, much attention should be given to the family unit. This is because the family is a microcosm of the world in which we live. As such, it is clear that if we focus on achieving progress toward building a corrected family unit, the end result will be good family relations, ones that carry over in a positive way to the next generation.

There is no doubt that women will play a key role in this correction, by promoting the personal development of every family member, and thus society at large. Women are a force to be reckoned with. They constitute more than 50% of the world’s population; their powers and abilities are unquestioned, even if downplayed. Women are fully capable of managing the household, family, marital relations, and relationships between and with the children. Women are mothers, wives, teachers, educators, household economists, and financial experts, all for the benefit of the husband and children. As mothers, women represent the spiritual essence of the family, complementing the education that her children receive at school.

Women are the ones who pass on the meaning of life—the spiritual essence of life—to her children through the internal wisdom that she conveys to her family. The woman is a source of education, culture, and knowledge, all of which she passes on to her children, and thus to subsequent generations.


The Need to Place Women on a Pedestal

We must ascribe great significance to women, the pillar of the family. We should put women on a pedestal in all media outlets by extolling her place in the family, in society, and in general. The new reality will require us to establish new frameworks that support a fundamental role that has been eroded over the last century: the women’s role.

The more society praises, extols, and ascribes importance to the women’s role in the connected world—the more we treat it as a career in and of itself, requiring particular training—the more women will succeed in their roles as women, wives, and mothers. Our gain will be progeny who are better qualified for societal life, which will lead to a better society as a whole.

Due to the decline of women’s role in the family, the family unit has greatly declined. This human cornerstone stands bare and unprotected without its supporting pillar, leaving the whole of civilization withering and declining in its wake.

As a species that seeks to extend its existence, we must make the most of the window of opportunity that we’ve been given; we must change public opinion. Such a change cannot be dictated from above, from a higher force. It needs to come from us as a conscious choice, through the influence of the environment upon us.

While it’s indeed a big change in the women’s role (compared to what we’ve been accustomed to seeing over the last several decades), if we don’t restore the natural balance in the women’s role, we will, regrettably, witness humanity slipping into an abyss; we will see a generation continuing to slide toward drugs, prostitution, and crime. The school system cannot replace the family.

The only solution for mending today’s disintegrating society is women who understand their significance in the equation. Therefore, we must all come together to change women’s status. We must demand that women not be “toyed with” or “managed” because they are feminine, mothers, or child-bearers. It is women who decide what will happen and how it will happen; they determine the fate of the world. Women have the intellect and sensitivity, the flexibility, and the level of development required to grasp changes quickly.

We must cultivate the importance of women’s role in the family because without it, the next generation will not be able to enjoy life.


It’s Time for Education that Empowers Women

We must teach women the sciences, psychology, education, and any other contemporary knowledge in order to give them a substantial role in building the new world’s educational system. That role will require women to take courses in education; to learn management of the modern family; to know what children are learning; and to work alongside the authorities. Women will need to be constantly updated on new programs and trainings, to strengthen their inner core and their families’ inner core as well.

Everything depends on education and training. If we seek to bring humanity to the human level, we will have no choice but to do it through women, through mothers. We will not be able to positively affect the next generation without education, without giving them values, content, and tools that will guard them throughout life. Only a mother can provide this for her children and thus equip them for life.

In the end, 90% of what men and husbands do stems from the influence of the wife. They aim to please her. Therefore, if we work to qualify women in the psychology of human relations, they will discover that they have all the tools needed to run the world.


Defining the Importance of Women

However, women have lost that important role; they have lost their core, and the whole of humanity suffers as a result. This began in the 1960s when women started joining the job market in great numbers in order to provide for the needs of the family at that time— the needs of the so called modern family. Women had no choice but to get a job, to help with the household income. There are some who considered this progress, but as we can now see in many areas of our lives, not all human developments are in our favor.

There are many reasons why women left the home and entered the job market; one of these reasons was the pursuit of the American Dream. The American Dream dictated that a family have certain things: a house in the suburbs, two cars in the driveway, as well as gadgets and appliances galore, all of which caused a rising tide of women to race out in search of jobs. For the most part, though, women went to work because there was no other choice.

Humanity should be expected to advance from generation to generation in education, culture, and family relations. So then, are we really advancing in these areas? Is this our development? As we can see, families are in a state of ruin; children don’t know their parents; and parents don’t know what their children need or how to give it to them. Thus, neither parents nor children live in a home environment that is warm, close, and supportive.

We’re shortchanging the next generation. If we take a look at society’s statistics for crime, depression, and illness, we will see to what extent this can all be avoided if families become families once again. Instead of continually increasing, crime rates will drop; numerous domestic problems will be solved. Strengthening the family unit will project much warmth and gentleness throughout the whole of society, extending this to all men, women, and children. This is entirely possible; it depends only on the importance we ascribe to it. In fact, we can do it here and now instead of waiting for an even bigger crisis.


How to Maximize the Power and Influence of Women

Women need to understand that they, too, need to align themselves with Nature; because, in the end, we all want to have a good life. We need to learn what the laws of Nature require of us and see if we can align ourselves with these laws. This is the only way to prosper.

Scientists and psychologists can help us understand how the system of Nature’s laws operates. Economists and statistical studies can present us with data on how we are being “brainwashed.” This is necessary for us to understand how public opinion experts create bogus fashions and trends—actually fooling us and compelling us to consume and buy excessively, to adhere to certain views on life.

Only women can see how bad this situation is, and only a feminine force can change it. If they want to, women can do it. We should explain this to all the women’s organizations. With their help, it’s possible to change public opinion. Each organization could work in its own area to raise women’s awareness about the family and to establish women as the center of family and societal life.

When this awareness permeates the public view, women can demand regulations that will solidify their status. By uniting, women will be a huge force that no government can withstand. Women will be able to pass any law they want. Women’s organizations will understand that the solution is simple: to bring out and extol the natural qualities of women.

In summary, we should emphasize the need for women to establish university studies, trainings, and various courses—including education, culture, psychology, and economy—that will enable them to acquire the necessary knowledge to excel in all areas of life. This must be done so they are able to complement the education their children receive at school, ensuring that every child becomes unique in his or her specialty. If we begin to correct the current, negative situation in society—the lack of synchronicity with the laws of Nature—and tend to it correctly and positively, inculcating public opinion with the proper explanations, we will have immense power at our disposal: the power of the feminine force, combined with the masculine force as well.


Written by Michael Laitman
Michael Laitman is a global thinker dedicated to generating a transformational shift in society through a new global education, which he views as the key to solving the most pressing issues of our time. He is the Founder of the ARI Institute, Professor of Ontology & Theory of Knowledge, PhD in Philosophy, MS in Medical Cybernetics. You can find him on Google+, YouTube and Twitter

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