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Why do people hate each other?

Hatred is an attribute unique to humans.

Human nature is a self-serving egoistic desire that considers its own benefit before the benefit of anyone else.

The more we develop, the more our egoistic quality grows, and likewise, the more we try to benefit ourselves at the expense of other people and the ecology.

In other words, the more we develop, the more our hatred toward each other increases.

While seemingly a negative quality, there is a positive flip side to the hatred increasingly unfolding in humanity: the growing negative sensation serves to lead us to a serious self-examination, where we will discover that we need to change our egoistic human nature in order to survive, prosper and be happy.

Outside our egoistic nature is nature in its positive, altruistic, loving and giving form, which thinks and acts oppositely to the way in which we think and act.

Therefore, if we act on our hatred, it merely shows our unawareness of nature’s laws, and also our incongruence and imbalance with nature.

Genuine hatred thus reveals itself as we head toward love. That is, if we set foot on a path to love each other as we love ourselves, as is the ultimate law of nature, we will then start seeing hatred surfacing in us as a quality that we need to fix in order to truly love others.

And why would we want to love others?

Whether we want to or not, nature is guiding us all to a state of absolute love—nature’s fundamental quality. By aligning ourselves to love others, through building a supportive environment to love each other above the rising hatred, we would then spare ourselves from much suffering that would otherwise emerge in the involuntarily-surfacing hatred.

Today’s many world events express the immense hatred dwelling in humanity. We take sides against others in many areas of life, and bridging our divides seems unthinkable.

Since we fail to implement any kind of education that guides our understanding of how our egoistic human nature operates on us, dividing us in order that we develop supportive ties above the divisions, then we fall to the ego’s demands time and again, and hatred takes over in an unabated fashion.

We need to learn how to fix our hatred’s source—the human ego—so that we would know how to cover it with love.

If we take a status check of what is happening in the world right now, we would see that we are in a very significant transitional era: one where we increasingly become aware of the ego’s wickedness.

We feel worse and worse, more depressed, stressed, anxious and uncertain about our future, but still are unaware of our negative sensations’ causes and effects, and what we can do about it.

However, we will eventually have to reach a realization that our egoistic human nature is a lever that we can “pull” in order to switch it to love.

Without the increasing hatred and negativity filling our lives, we would also be unable to sense a much fuller sense of enjoyment in love, as the increasingly unraveling evil within us adds more appetite and yearning for a genuine sensation of love to emerge.

Yet, we need not wait for pain and suffering to spur on the recognition of our egoistic nature as evil in order to want it to change.

There is a method of connection that we can implement in order to build supportive ties, direct ourselves to love one another, and already start connecting positively and accelerating the revelation of our hatred’s source—the ego dwelling inside each of us—within a more powerful envelope of love and positive connection that we construct with the method’s guidance.

In short, we are sent hatred so that through our active efforts in building a society that aims itself at loving one another, we could repair the hatred, cover it with love, and by doing so, experience a new sense of harmony and bliss spread throughout society.


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