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What should I do when life stagnates?

  1. Accept that you are stuck. That is, be aware that you are at a dead end.
  2. Ask yourself: “Was I the cause of my life currently becoming stagnant, or not?” Really try to answer this question. Eventually, such a question should lead you to scrutinize that your life is within a greater force of nature: that nature organizes your life, leads you through life’s various events—including your current feeling of stagnation—and from such a feeling, nature invites you to look into life’s meaning and purpose, and where it all comes from.
  3. Justify the stop in your life that you have reached. When you start seeking out answers to life’s deeper questions as a result of your life feeling stagnant, then you can already justify such a stopping point. We can liken the state to a train that we ride, which suddenly stops in the middle of nowhere. We then feel that we do not know what we should do, what we should decide, and what is good or bad from this point onward. It is a very clear feeling that humiliates us, and then leads us to question how we can move forward. We then feel a growing demand for an explanation: “Why is this happening to me?”
  4. Understand that there is a higher program in nature that has led you to a stagnant place, and which you need to discover. Since you start asking deeper questions about life’s meaning and purpose, you reach an understanding that there is a higher program at work that you have to discover. Today, it is easier to discuss the fact that there is a higher program at work in nature, because we are familiar with such definitions from the world of computers. Indeed, there is a higher program organizing our every move in order to lead us to questions about how we can turn to it, enter it, and find out what is going on with us.
  5. Direct your request to nature. You need to scrutinize that you are inside nature and that nature leads you to a point where you feel life as stagnant, and you start asking about what is happening with you, demanding an explanation. In other words, you wish to find out how to act correctly in order to get out of your stagnation, and by doing so, discover the higher program in nature and the sublimity of making contact with it.

Based on the video “5 Things You Should Do When Life Stagnates” with Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman and Oren Levi. Written/edited by students of Kabbalist Dr. Michael Laitman. Photo by Randy Lisciarelli on Unsplash.

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