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What are the most lucrative future careers or professions?

Our socio-economic infrastructure is currently undergoing a fateful shift away from luxury industries and to more emphasis on life’s essentials. Also, we are headed to a future where more and more jobs will become taken over by automation and AI.

Likewise, looking ahead, we should first and foremost realize that people’s basic needs—food, shelter, clothing, education and health—have to be met, and authorities will need to prioritize the fulfillment of people’s basic needs.

The question then becomes, after having basic needs fulfilled, what will people engage in?

With less workforce needed due to the lessening demand of luxury goods and the rise of automation and AI, coupled with a human population increasing to never-before-seen numbers, a new hole appears before us that we will need to fill: ultimately, what professions and careers will be necessary, contributory and beneficial to society heading into the future?

As our lifestyles of materialistic competitiveness will morph into much calmer and more balanced lifestyles that are more essentials focused, in order to develop sensations of happiness, support and confidence throughout societies, we will need to put in a major amount of our time learning and building an atmosphere of positive human connection.

When large swaths of populations will regularly engage in the teaching, learning and construction of positive social ties—as their new careers or professions—we will then see new well-connected societies blossom.

People in such societies will develop heightened sensitivities to each other’s needs, wants and feelings, as well as to the destructive tendency lurking within each person to exploit others for self-benefit, and they will exercise the maintenance of social unity and solidarity upon the divisive drives constantly itching away within.

There is endless room to contribute to a society aiming to positively connect above its divisive drives. The entire range of people’s skills and talents on offer can be applied, as long as they serve the creation of a positive society.

However, a regular dosage of learning the wisdom of connection has to reside in such a system as a prerequisite to any activities to further human connection.

Learning the wisdom of connection means both regularly acquiring knowledge about the vast-ranging benefits of positive social connection, as well as regularly engaging in connection-enhancing experiences.

Our definitions of “lucrative” and “profitable” will then change according to what we would value in such a state: not the competitive-individualistic forms of profit, where we prioritize the construction of our personal empires over everyone and everything else, but we would see profit in terms of how everybody gains considerable health, happiness and confidence from everyone’s contribution to building a positively-connected society.

What would then be the most lucrative career or profession?

It would be those that serve the needs of society, either in providing for people’s basic needs, or in contributing to people’s deeper needs for more meaningful interaction and fulfillment.

The more we develop, the closer we come to the realization of our natural connection to each other, and the need to actualize such connection more and more positively.

The more we work on improving our connections, the more we will grow ourselves into the discovery of a new harmonious reality.

In a situation where luxury industries drop in importance, and where automation and AI will assume many of today’s current jobs, we humans will need to work on what makes us human: our need to positively connect.

As more and more of our engagements will set off in that direction, then the gates to a much greater sense of happiness and fulfillment will open to many more people.

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