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What are some ways to end domestic violence?

The only way to end domestic violence for good is by implementing serious education that we need nowadays for our very survival: a new kind of education where we learn about how our egoistic human nature operates on us at every moment, how it is growing in us individually and in humanity as a whole, how it brings about such phenomena as divisiveness, hatred and violence, how today it has reached such heights that it needs new methods that our past education can no longer fulfill, and how to stop it from erupting in such terrible situations as domestic violence.

Violent tendencies exist in every person. While most domestic violence is thought of as men violently abusing women, today we also see such phenomena as mothers violently abusing their children, and even on the contrary, children doing so against their mothers.

Why did nature make us so savage that many of us strike out against our own family members?

It is in order for us to reach a conclusion that our egoistic nature is an evil inclination. Our ego, which is a desire to enjoy at the expense of others, ultimately hates anyone or anything that does not seem to benefit it.

Moreover, today more than ever, domestic violence acts as a prominent example of the immense hatred that is building up within human beings, and that it is all in order for us to reach a desire to put aside this hatred—which clearly leads to no positive outcomes—and start loving one another.

Therefore, the more violence and suffering amounts, the more potential we acquire to reach a desperate cry for change: to transform our nature from egoistic and hateful to altruistic and loving.

This is where the importance of a new form of education enters, one that focuses on teaching us how nature works—including human nature—and how we can develop positive attitudes to each other above the hatred that involuntarily surfaces inside us.

I’m optimistic that with such connection-enriching education, we can bring about great corrections to humanity. I have applied myself to connection-enriching education for dozens of years, and even though by nature I am very egoistic and domineering, by learning how human nature works, and by drawing alongside it a positive environment that is filled with positive examples of altruism, love and care, then I develop constant hope and motivation to become a better person from one day to the next.

That is the kind of drive we need to spread out to society at large if we are to see an end to domestic violence, as well as many other hateful outbursts occurring increasingly in our world today.

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