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What to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

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On one hand, it seems like the first wave of COVID-19 is over in many countries. Most countries, even where it is still spreading, are beginning to reopen their economies and resume public life. Is it safe? Most likely not.

Living Instead of Just Making a Living

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Could we call the period before the pandemic “life,” or was it just a compulsory race to make a living? This question arises now, as we are forced to rapidly transition to a new state, a new reality. We can

Anti-Semitism Was on Lockdown; Now It’s Back

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A few days ago, The New York Times wrote in relation to Secretary of State Pompeo’s visit to Israel that there is a “thinly veiled allusion to a bone of contention between Israel and the United States” regarding China. The aftermath of

What is human development?

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Human development is the development of positive connections upon our innate differences and divisions. Prior to the existence of humans, connections formed on inanimate, vegetative and animate levels that paved the way for humans to develop and connect. For instance,

Evolution Is The Evolution of Connections

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From the very first particles that connected into the first atoms, evolution was about growing connectedness. Compounds that could maintain their connections survived, and those that could not stick together disintegrated and vanished. On the physical level, nature has created

How will the threat of the coronavirus have a major impact on the worldwide economy as it spreads across the globe?

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The economy needs a major impact because it has been failing to provide for our needs. Instead, we have been providing for the economy’s “needs.” The coronavirus pandemic has illuminated the question about what is essential and nonessential in life.

Why do people see the human ego is bad?

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The human ego is seen as bad when it is overblown, causing people to exploit, manipulate and abuse each other in the name of pleasure. Due to the ego causing so much division and conflict in and between societies, many

COVID-19 Will Heal Our Hearts and Then Our Bodies

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One of the most remarkable phenomena surrounding the coronavirus is characteristic of our time: conspiracy theories. There have been countless theories about the origin of the virus, the effectiveness of various medicines, the strategies of dealing with it, and just

Reinventing Culture

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There is no question that entertainment suffered a major blow as a result of the coronavirus crisis. Many people in the industry have left it, and many more will have to leave it. I would not pay it particular attention

COVID-19 Has Given Us a Lesson in Humility

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Quite probably, no danger has been downplayed more than the coronavirus. Since case 1, the virus has been described as a type of flu, a negligible threat to health, and basically, a non-issue. Yet, we can already see that this

The Technology of Connection

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The current COVID-19 crisis has pushed forward the use of technology to such a degree that every realm of our lives has gone online overnight: services, work, and communications. But the type of innovation now required of mankind stretches far

What did the world learn from the coronavirus pandemic?

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The world is still learning from the coronavirus pandemic a hard lesson in how much we all depend on each other. It has shown us how much our health depends on other people maintaining personal hygiene and social distancing conditions.