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Up to this point in our development, we have been behaving and living instinctively, without using our unique human consciousness. The deepening global crisis—our suddenly obvious opposition to nature—obliges us to leave this unconscious, instinctive path and become truly “humane,” controlling our own inherent nature.

To master this new profession of “being humane,” each of us must rise to a level where he or she completely understands what is happening in Nature, what is happening within us, and how we should relate to others. Studies show that the minute this awareness begins to affect all the members of a society, no one can escape it.

We will not trouble our minds with the desires themselves, but instead with how we use them, meaning with our intention toward society when we use them. What’s important is our intention when we use the “self,” the desires. We need to transform the use of our abilities to be favorable for society.

When we do, our individual sense of “me” becomes “we,” and the “we,” which is seemingly a collection of individuals, becomes “one”—“one” that is in bonding and balance with the singular law that organizes us and which is in a positive connection with us. Thus, a human being truly becomes humane: one who understands one’s overall nature, becomes included with all that exists in Nature, and achieves the highest degree—that of the singular force that operates on us and draws us toward it in a manner that currently appears to us as a crisis.


Stop Living in the Past and Benefit from this Law of Nature Today

In fact, we are in the midst of a bubble that is compelling us to change. We are surrounded from all sides, and we have nowhere to run. Today, we are increasingly discovering that one law operates on all the elements at every level— the overall “Law of Balance” in a global-integral system. It is called, “Nature.”

The concept of “Nature” relates to all the laws operating in the degrees of still, vegetative, animate, and human levels. All the laws belonging to the global-integral system are under a single law, the “Law of Balance,” otherwise known as “homeostasis,” and all of Nature is drawn toward it.

This is why the crisis we are experiencing today is on the human level. It compels us to see that we are all connected in a single system, that we all are parts of Nature, albeit Nature on the human level. Many scientists and academics already see the world as global and integral, and recognize that we are living in a holistic world (from the word, “whole”.) Accordingly, all the sciences—physics, chemistry, biology, and zoology—are connected to each other.

Although there are many materials, there is only one force operating on all the levels—still vegetative, animate, and human. In atoms and molecules, that force acts as an attracting or repelling force. In humans, it is the force that expands or contracts the lungs and the heart, or creates contradictions between fact and fiction. There are always two conflicting forces acting against each other. Yet, they are operated by the single force that balances them, for the whole of Nature strives toward balance.


Do You Have the Tools to Live Life to the Fullest?

Man needs tools that will allow him to see that the world is round, to see that everyone depends on everyone else, that all are subject to one influence, and that they must obey a single law. This is the outlook on life, the philosophy, psychology, and information that we are meant to acquire for the rest of our lives. Until we begin to study and comprehend this law, our lives will seem miserable to us; we won’t know the kind of world we are preparing for our children and grandchildren; and we won’t understand why we are here in the first place.

To perceive our interdependence, we need a good environment that will influence us. We can see the influence of society from life, from education, and from just about anything we do. Through a good environment, we can provide a remedy before a crisis breaks out, since any negative response from Nature comes because we are not synchronized with it or with the environment. Each blow we experience testifies to a state of imbalance.

If we want the remedy and not the blows, we must build a society where all care for all. Yet, this can only be done in an environment where we treat each other well. This kindness may be compulsory according to that good environment, but by becoming accustomed to acting out good relationships and accepting that behavior as law, we will get used to it, and it will become our nature.

Until today, we were “savages” wishing to “consume” one another. Henceforth, if we behave favorably toward each other, we will turn ourselves inside out. In time, we won’t be so savage anymore, but more humane, and humanity will be entirely different.


See How Easily You Can Realize What Nature Has in Store for You

When we are in balance with Nature, new opportunities will open up to us. We will sense Nature, discover new things, develop new abilities, build new instruments, and revolutionize our world because we will know the laws of Nature by becoming similar to it. We will become like the rest of reality that operates according to those laws.

Nature knows precisely how to develop every creature in the best possible way, for balance within its environment. It is the “Law of Evolution,” and now it is affecting humankind as well. That law has a plan, a formula of development activated by the Law of Evolution.

According to the plan embedded within Nature, we are to rise and develop, stage by stage. Also, each stage must be more developed than its predecessor. For that, we must know both stages. Therefore, how do we, as a human society, raise ourselves from the current stage into the next one, in which we are happy and balanced with the environment?

Evolution as we know it is coming to a conclusion, and we must choose our own best future form, and then bring ourselves to it. This is why the crisis we are in is unique, for it requires human intervention. We must grow, perceive Nature—its law and direction, and build our development by ourselves, using the environment. Nature is merely stimulating within us desires so we cannot put off or avoid developing.

To resolve the crisis, we must know our next state, study it, comprehend it, feel its necessity, and construct by ourselves the Nature that will compel us to develop toward the right form. It is possible because now it is we that must act, instead of Nature. That is, we mustn’t let ourselves be goaded into developing from behind, wherein Nature will develop us according to its reason and plan. Today, we must take the plan into our own hands, acquire the knowledge, and build the forces of development, the system of development, the incubator mentioned earlier, and grow.

If we learn how to be “human,” we will reach the best, most comfortable, safest, and healthiest possible state. Therefore, we must be thankful for the situation and the time that we are in, both of which are admitting us into the new era, into a world that is all good.


Written by Michael Laitman
Michael Laitman is a global thinker dedicated to generating a transformational shift in society through a new global education, which he views as the key to solving the most pressing issues of our time. He is the Founder of the ARI Institute, Professor of Ontology & Theory of Knowledge, PhD in Philosophy, MS in Medical Cybernetics. You can find him on Google+, YouTube and Twitter

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