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Is “Kabbalah Mysticism” Just a Method Which States That the Human Mind Uses a Constant and Repetitious Pattern When It Thinks about Any Subject?

Kabbalah is not mysticism. It is a science that involves the attainment of the perception and sensation of the causal forces in our lives, while we’re alive in this world.

Regarding what Kabbalah states about the human mind, it relates to the human mind as a program existing below desire, and that the mind belongs to the subconscious.

Kabbalah has no engagement in the modus operandi of the brain as a calculator, nor in muscle memory, nor in any memory mechanisms. Its sole engagement is with the soul.

The desire, which precedes the mind, is the soul. It has no place in our corporeal body nor in our mind.

The desire was created by the Creator, which is a force of nature governing our reality. The desire is egoistic by nature, i.e., aimed solely at self-benefit, and with the help of the method of Kabbalah, we can invert the desire into its altruistic opposite, where it matches the same form as the Creator, a quality of love and giving.

By changing the intention upon the desire from self-benefit to benefiting others and everything and everyone outside of oneself, we then start feeling the causal forces in our lives, which Kabbalah calls “the upper world” or “spiritual world,” and we then start understanding why and how everything functions the way that it does.

Everything else related to matter, including the mind, is absent from Kabbalah study, and it is of no interest to Kabbalists. We are only interested in the pure desire, which is independent of any form of matter, and we explore and master it as such.

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