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Introducing Nature’s Formula to Conquer the Crisis

The Shocking Cause of Today’s Biggest Crisis

Humanity is in a very special state today. We are sinking into a global crisis affecting all parts of human life because we are stubbornly trying to stay as we are, desperately holding onto our current behavior, coronet socio-economic system, even as we understand we are more and more unhappy, while the existential conditions around us are rapidly changing.

Research is showing that we are moving away from the way things are currently happening toward a new level of existence. We are actually leaping into a new degree and being born into a new world.

It is a world of different rules, which Nature has already begun to introduce to us. These are the integral rules, the laws of mutual dependence, the “round” world, a world of equality and unity. These are laws by which we live as a healthy family.

But does it only seem to us that we are heading toward such a world? Are we only dreaming about it, or is this the state that actually awaits humanity—one that we are bound to reach, either willingly and consciously or by forces that will impel us? If this is the situation, it will certainly be worthwhile to study the laws of the integral world because then we will know how to shift to that state pleasantly and comfortably.

We have to study these laws because in our previous state of development, we evolved by Nature’s push from behind, through new desires that Nature evoked within us. Today it isn’t so. We are at a dead end. We have no new desires to pave our way for us, so we must study our next step by ourselves, to learn its purpose and determine how we can accomplish it.


Why Knowledge about Today’s Biggest Crisis Can Save You from It

When we open the gate to the new life, we will see what lies before us. We will also have to learn by which means we can arrive at this new life. Unlike the instinctive development we’ve had in all previous generations—shifting from state to state, from one social level to another, and then to different forms of society—now we must evolve consciously. This is why we must study Nature’s laws.

It is as though we were giving birth to ourselves. This time, we must rise up and look at ourselves, at our situation and at what we are going through, from above. In the past, we’ve always gone with the flow, taken the chances that came our way, revolted and revolutionized our governance and our society. Today we must raise our level of awareness above our own lives and see Earth and human society from a global perspective. Then, from that perspective, we must further evolve.

It is the first time that Nature has demanded that each of us clearly know who we are, the kind of world we live in, and the state toward which we are developing. It is the first time we are being demanded to be “human” in the sense that we know and comprehend the essence of life.

Therefore, we need to understand that our studies are intended to help us revolutionize our lives and to elevate them to a new level, to wholeness.


The Little Known Link between Nature’s Laws and Human Development

When we research the inanimate, plant, and animate nature, as well as man—who lives within this picture—we find laws. We advance according to these laws and we call them “Nature.” We are part of Nature; we’re not outside of it; we are the result of Nature’s evolution.

Human psychology, the science of human behavior, is also part of Nature’s laws. It is a science that evolved relatively recently, some 100 years ago, because only then did we begin to feel we could evolve in a unique manner—consciously. We began to examine where we were developing, who we were, how we related to others, and why.

Until about a century ago, we wrote books that described only how we behaved. But since then, we’ve begun to research why we behaved as we did. Psychology is the study of the laws that affect humankind. Thus, it is a very important field of research because it helps us understand who we are, who others are, and how we can build a happy life through our connections with others.

Children develop from year to year because their nature is developing within them. Each year a child develops in understanding, awareness, behavior, and physically, psychologically, and mentally. This is Nature’s “Law of Development.”

People develop both personally and socially. All these developments stem from the data embedded within us. The laws direct how we will build society, as well as how we will build ourselves. As time affects those data, it develops us accordingly.


This Simple Awareness from Nature Can Revolutionize Life

Nature is something that evolves and leads the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and man in its development. We are all evolving: first evolved Earth, then came plants, then animals, and finally humans. Evolution began with the “Big Bang,” and it is continuing through a process of joining together. The joining of parts develops them and makes them more united in both quantity and quality.

The question is, “Is there consistency, a law behind this development?” The laws exist; we know it from the past. We may not understand them, but the laws still exist.

We look at Nature and learn how it develops us as components of itself. Who is Man? For all our knowledge, are we not part of Nature? We exist in some bubble we call “the universe,” and we study where we are and try to discover which laws govern this bubble.

There is no end to Nature’s wisdom; we are only scratching the surface, and that shallow surface is our science. And yet, we cannot find our way, which is why we must study more of Nature’s laws. It is actually fortunate that our discomfort is pushing us to study Nature so we can improve our situation.

We need to think of Nature as a bubble or ball. We live inside this ball, and within it are absolute laws that rule us. When we study Nature, we become aware of some of these rules. This exploration is called “science.” However, we have yet to discover the vast majority of reality.

Thus, technological developments gave us free time to engage in all kinds of works, which are far from being necessities. The question is, “If we have so progressed in life, why have we ended up with such a cruel and empty life to the point of depression, insecurity, and anxiety?” “What have we done with the free time that technology and social development have given us?” “Why have we wasted our time and energy on creating such a hard and confusing life?”

Perhaps we need to arrive at a completely different way of life.

The desires that have driven human development have now become global desires, closing in on us and making us dependent on one another. They have made us one family, but it’s a family in a state of severe crisis, due to our alienation from each other. The crisis is clearly a crisis in the “human family.” If we create a new order in this family, we will resolve this crisis. Therefore, we have no other choice but to discover how we might find mutual understanding on a global level.


Written by Michael Laitman
Michael Laitman is a global thinker dedicated to generating a transformational shift in society through a new global education, which he views as the key to solving the most pressing issues of our time. He is the Founder of the ARI Institute, Professor of Ontology & Theory of Knowledge, PhD in Philosophy, MS in Medical Cybernetics. You can find him on Google+, YouTube and Twitter

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